Eddie Arold Prayer Letter: God Is Blessing in a Tremendous Way!God has been blessing in a tremendous way. I have organized a team of close to 40 different people thus far, and we will be adding to that group for the purpose of reaching many for Christ this year in Thailand. To date, we have been able to pass out over 50,000 tracts and see over 6,000 people trust Christ as their Saviour. These numbers do not include everyone, as we still have some numbers not yet reported. We are very excited for what the rest of the year holds and how God will work, because everything we do is impossible without God’s power and strength.

We have two major prayer requests for this update that we would like to share:

1) Would you please pray for more laborers for this project? The more laborers we have, the more we can get accomplished for Christ. If you live in the U.S. and want to come and join this project, we would love to have you.

2) Would you please pray for a missionary in Vietnam? I can give you his name if you ask me, but he has a major need to stay in Vietnam or he faces deportation. I have preached for him. God has used him to start many mission works in the country of Vietnam, and he has seen many souls saved. His heart is to stay there. If you can help, please email me, and I will tell you more.

May God continue to use and bless you. Thank you for all you have done for our ministry here in Thailand!

Eddie Arold and Family