Eddie and Sindy Arold Prayer Letter: Opening DoorsThank you so much for reading this update. I covet your prayers. Today in our church in Nawong, and four other places that sent us reports, God gave us nearly 200 in attendance and 5 baptisms. Obviously, this is all credit to God (pictures attached)!

We have two massive prayer requests:

1. My wife had been experiencing a 102°–103.5° fever for a couple of days alongside an agonizing headache. We got her tested and found out she has Dengue fever. Please pray that it does not get serious. As of now, her platelet count and blood pressure are in a good range. We covet your prayers.

2. For many years, we have been praying for people to come and help. We have a lot of ministries, and we need more workers. I realized, though, that when we have people interested in coming, we cannot give them visas. We have had several families come, but we cannot offer them a visa because we do not have a foundation. We found out today that we can set up a foundation to be able to offer visas for about US$3,000-plus, which will allow us to have people come and help us. This is a prayer answered regarding the way into the country. We are coveting your prayers for the financing.

May God continue to bless and use you,

Eddie Arold