Eddie and Sindy Arold Prayer Letter: Mine Eye Affecteth Mine HeartI thank God for this past week. We had the chance to have Dr. Mark Bosje and a great group from First Baptist Church of Hammond, along with Pastor Brown from Maryland. Dr. Bosje preached possibly the greatest message on the Holy Spirit I have ever heard. Our church was blessed by this message!

Then on Saturday, we had an opportunity God gave us to have a Bible Club in a small village. I praise God for the eight precious souls who came and for the several who got saved.

On Sunday, we had the privilege of having Bro. & Mrs. Curtis Hall and Bro. & Mrs. Greg Ogle for a visit. Bro. Ogle taught Sunday school from the Teaching All Nations discipleship program!

Please pray for Thailand. There are millions waiting to hear and not enough to tell them. Maybe one day, you could come and spend a week here and see the 10/40 Window up close and personal.

“Mine eye affecteth mine heart because of all the daughters of my city.” (Lamentations 3:51)

May God bless you,

Eddie Arold