Eddie and Sindy Arold Prayer Letter: Escorted by the King's Guard to Minister in the SchoolsI pray you would read this update. To God be the glory! I am speechless and in awe at what God did today and what He could do in the future in these schools. The pictures are included in this letter, and you can view a video of it at this link of Escorted by the King’s Guard to Minister in the Schools! Here is what happened!

My translator John called me two weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to go into some schools and preach the Gospel. Let me think . . . Yesssss—that is what I breathe to do! He told me we would have schools set up this week and next week. Today we left my house at 6:00 and drove for three hours to our first of two schools. We had a military Humvee escort us into the schools because the military has a good relationship with these schools. These are not just military, but the King’s Guard! They took thousands of pictures, helped us carry our gift bags to the kids, and were instrumental in us getting in. Two major possibilities exist for the future:

1. John told me today that one of the higher ranked officers offered to get us into as many schools as we want, as long as we have the budget to use our gas to get to these schools and money for rice for each school. We are potentially talking about 500 – 1,000 schools per year. Just the thought of this makes me excited to know how many of the next generation could hear the Gospel and be saved. Pray for resources!
2. We could very realistically have an opportunity to have an audience with the King in the future if we continue to help the community. For them, the rice and the gift bags help the community, but for us, we are doing everything for Christ’s sake! Luke 19:10 motivates me!!! I have prayed for many years that we could somehow, in some way have an opportunity to give the Gospel to the King, and we could have that opportunity in the future.

Would you kindly pray for these two opportunities? Thank you for being part of the 10/40 Window with your prayers and/or financial support. To God be the glory for everything He is doing!

Eddie Arold