Eddie and Sindy Arold Prayer Letter: 2.2 Million Gospel Tracts and CountingI want to begin by thanking you for investing in our family as we serve here in the 10/40 Window Kingdom of Thailand. We understand that it is a sacrifice every time you send a financial gift, and God knows that we appreciate every gift from the bottom of our hearts.

Everything that I will mention here is for the glory of God and only because God empowers us. From December until now, we have organized a team of 50-people who go out daily, just like the book of Acts, to give out tracts and go soul winning. Our team consists of the following people:

1. My family and I
2. Brother John
3. Brother Jamesplus
4. Brother Pitak
5. Brother Goong, Nang, and Than
6. Brother Sinoy and four preachers
7. Mrs. Horn’s group – about 30–40 people
8. Brother Chatchai
9. Miss Mary
10. Faith and Moses
11. Tip
12. O
13. Some people who have helped part time
14. The massive printing comes from Kendall Cobb ACTSCO.

The Lord has allowed us to go into 27 of the 77 provinces in Thailand. As a team, since January, He has allowed us to hand out 2.2 million tracts and, by His grace, see 100,038 saved. These numbers in no way give credit to us because we are just vessels that God is using. Ever since I read Luke 19:10, I just really believe that reaching the lost is the most important thing we can do. I welcome any questions you may have regarding this project. Thank you for being a part of it!

Please pray for our safety as we visit and for a vehicle to use for reaching this country for Christ!

Thank you so much.

Eddie Arold