Angel Lopez Prayer Letter:  Bro. Luis Released!“For the same cause also do ye joy, and rejoice with me.” (Philippians 2:18)


We invite you to rejoice with us over the release from prison of our Bro. Luis. On October 5, 2015, the judge released Bro. Abad from prison because the accusations were unprovable. PRAISE THE LORD! We are grateful to those of you who have prayed with us over this whole situation. In the nearly two years that he spent in jail, Bro. Luis won 420 prisoners to Christ, baptized 34 of them, discipled dozens of them, and preached to them in weekly church services held there in the prison. I visited the prison on Monday, November 2, and the pastor who took Bro. Luis’s position, Evans Turcios, told me that 50 more people were baptized in the wake of Bro. Luis’s release from prison last Sunday. There will also be some weddings in the next couple of months. We now have an open door to go preach in the Sunday services in that prison once a month.


Due to the recent landslide which occurred in the town of El Cambray, some of the dislocated survivors of it have been provided emergency lodging in the very building where our Baptist mission was meeting twice weekly. As a result, we have been forced to look for another meeting place. Just recently we have rented a piece of property nearby and are busily preparing that property to make it our meeting place. We intend to build a corrugated-iron-covered roofed building (casa de lamina) there from the ground up as quickly as possible, and we hope to begin meeting there this month.


I am rejoicing over the good news about my wife Noemi’s condition after being injured in an auto accident last year. Her doctor informs us that she will not need an operation at this time, but her treatments will continue. PRAISE THE LORD!


I was about to start a new work in the department of Santa Rosa, but a brother who is from that area just came to Guatemala from Long Beach, California, and will be starting the work there instead. At the present time, Bro. Luis and I are looking for an area to start a new Baptist mission. Please pray for this project.

May joy and comfort be with you all during this holiday season. Thank you for honoring us with your support and prayers.


Angel Lopez