Andy Richey Prayer Letter:  Spiritual Battle Mixed With Foreign CultureDEPUTATION HAPPENINGS

We just finished a very beneficial week with veteran missionaries to learn and share experiences at FBMI Candidate School. Our preliminary exit interview has been scheduled, and we are excitedly preparing for a permanent departure for Africa.

I had the joy of spending some time with a church planter in Lima, Ohio, a faithful servant of Christ and my friend, Anthony Rudolph. His family and I went out promoting their first VBS. While out knocking doors, I met John. We talked for a while in his driveway about spiritual matters, and I shared the Gospel. He bowed his head, sitting in his wheelchair, and called on Christ to be his Saviour!


It was a miserably hot and humid Sunday morning as we sat waiting for departure to preach in Mombasa. From around the corner, we heard crying, yelling, and frantic footsteps as a crowd ran by. We observed a young lady being chased and then being surrounded by a group of four men. The men grabbed hold of the lady and began to drag her back to “church.” A very quick decision between my ministry partner Peter and me was made to approach and inquire about what was happening. The men told us not to worry; the lady was troubled, and they were taking her to church to help her. In an attempt to get involved without getting involved, I stood in their path as she was being pulled and dragged. They literally ran into me, as I was not budging. It all happened so fast, we never did get her name; but she grabbed my arm and with cries of terror said, “Don’t let them take me!” What was going on in their so-called church service, we do not know, but it was clear that some sort of evil was involved.

As tension was escalating very quickly, Peter started praying loud enough to be heard by all through the noise and shouting, and time seemed to stand still for about 30 seconds. I then started walking slowly to the gated entrance so she could leave. Soldiers with AK-47s stood by and watched, willing to allow these men to drag her away, but also not interfering with us escorting her out. As she had a hold of my arm with a death grip, I kept my hands up and in view so there could be no mistake that this was her decision, not mine. The four men and two armed soldiers, I believe, had been touched by God as a result of Bro. Peter’s prayer. They stayed so near that we kept bumping as I led the group out the gate, but they did not physically stop our slow walk. Once out of the gate, she took off down the street. I share this story because the spiritual battle we face is real in a place where such an occurrence is culturally acceptable. We covet your prayers for wisdom as we endeavor to be a witness for Christ in such a spiritually depraved environment.


As our churches have grown, drawing attention, some have received letters threatening closure from the government. Steps are being taken to get them registered to avoid this. Please pray for this process, as it is cumbersome and fraught with corruption, but needful.

Your servant for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy Richey