Andy Richey Prayer Letter:  New Christians Pleading for Churches in Their VillagesAs darkness fell during our most recent trip to Kenya, we set up for late-night evangelistic meetings on four occasions to reach the lost and to strengthen national-led churches in Kenya. During the four nights that we did this, we saw approximately 400 people profess faith in Christ Jesus. At the close of each evening, we focused attention on the church that we were working with in these efforts, and many came to church for the first time the following Sunday.

I shared with you previously the wonderful news of a church being born, which is going strong. However, I would now like to share an incredible burden that I carry. Wright Jobson, who was saved as I shared in our last letter, asked us to go witness to his father. We traveled about an hour to reach his dad’s house, and his dad and uncle were saved. Upon learning of the wonderful message of salvation, his father asked us to start a church in that village so that their community would have a permanent lighthouse for all. In another location, we went to a Masai village and had the joy of leading 4 young men to Christ. They also asked us to start a church in their village so that they and their families could learn more about the God of this salvation they had just received. We had the heartache of having to say we would come back at a future time due to a lack of time and finances. This opens the door for false teachers and cults to move in and lead them astray.

It is our greatest desire to be able to move to Kenya, East Africa, on a permanent basis. To those of you who already partner with us, we are so very thankful. Without you we would not have been able to see the fruit we already have. To those who have allowed us to share our burden and work but have not made a decision to partner with us, we would ask you to prayerfully consider doing so. May I remind you that we have already seen many hundreds saved and many churches started during trips we have taken during deputation. It is our humble opinion that this work would be a wise and fruitful eternal investment on your behalf. The field is white, and groundwork has been laid for us to hit the ground at full speed once we arrive.

We are working to raise new support as we continue deputation. Our recent travels have taken us to Florida, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia. Several new churches have partnered with is in the last two months, for which we are extremely grateful. Every new partner gets us one step closer to our goal of being in Africa full-time!


1. When I spoke in a Junior Church in West Virginia, 8 children responded to the invitation—4 saved and 4 assurances of salvation!
2. God’s mercy and grace have been upon us!
3. An individual I led to Christ in Florida is growing and seeking God’s direction in his life as I disciple him from afar as we travel!
4. New churches are partnering with us!

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for souls to be saved
2. Pray for the churches in Africa to grow and for a hedge of protection from Satan to surround them.
3. Pray for God to use us to be a blessing to pastors and churches as we travel.
4. Pray for new churches to partner with us in our work for the Lord.

Your servant for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy Richey