Andy Richey Prayer Letter:  God's Blessings in Recent MonthsThank you all for your love, prayers, friendship, and financial support! Recent months have brought God’s blessings, as we have seen folks saved and experienced God’s protection and provision, both in ministry and personally.

God showed His wisdom and protection when Connie was involved in an accident that totaled our vehicle, protection in that no one was injured in a high-speed collision. As for God showing wisdom in allowing an accident, let me explain. With over 300,000 miles, it was becoming an increasing concern that our vehicle would last (it was still going strong). Should it have “died,” we would have been in a difficult situation financially to replace it. It was insured, so with the money we received in the settlement and a little bit more, we were able to purchase the same model, but it was a year newer with half the mileage. What I first perceived as a problem, God turned into a blessing! The young man in the other vehicle involved in the accident received assurance of his salvation when Connie shared the Gospel with him, so it was a win-win situation. As a good friend told us, “Sometimes God has to force a blessing on us.”

In our travels, I struck up a conversation with Jeremiah, a young Navajo Indian. After some exploratory conversation, he agreed to meet me later in the lobby of our hotel. I shared the Gospel with him, and Jeremiah bowed his head and called on Christ while others looked on. His home is deemed uninhabitable here on earth, but he now has an eternal, perfect home awaiting him in Heaven!



Men from a Masai village who were saved and asked for help in starting a church!

Pastor Fred in Nairobi continues to do a good job of leading and growing his young church, but not without facing difficulties. He almost lost his eyesight when an eye infection was misdiagnosed, and he was told to wear glasses. He has since been to another doctor, who properly treated Fred for the infection, and is on the road to recovery.

One remote Masai village, where we saw several souls saved, has asked for help in starting a church. Please pray for this effort and our friend and disciple, Pastor John Nkome, who will oversee this new church plant under our guidance.

On a personal note, we are thrilled to welcome Ellie Belle Walker, our granddaughter, into this world. While we continue to serve our Saviour and represent you as we do, God has been good to bless us, our ministry, and our family.

Your servant for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy Richey