Andy Richey Prayer Letter:  God Is Blessing in Both Our Ministry and Our Family!God is so good to allow us to partner with awesome, soul-conscious churches. We want to thank all of you who make it possible for us to continue on in the work God has called us to do. Much has occurred since our last update letter, and we will share some highlights, both personal and ministry, in this letter.

We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary in Branson, Missouri, with Connie’s parents, who were celebrating their 50th. We had the joy of joining with them in helping Branson Baptist Church in a tract blitz. The town was having a parade, and we were able to pass out Gospel tracts to thousands of people lined up along the path of the parade. What a blessing to participate in the GREAT COMMISSION with a wonderful church. Thank you, Pastor Wagner!

We have seen several saved in personal soul winning. I met a young man named Jason. I asked him about his eternity; to which he replied, “I have been thinking about that all day. A friend of mine died this morning.” I went through the Gospel a couple of times, as he struggled with eternal security. As always, my goal is not to have a person repeat a prayer but to understand what and why they are praying. Jason called on Christ and walked the aisle at church to make a public profession of his newfound faith! Connie is a great witness for Christ and met a young lady named Carmen. After learning of God’s love for her and the free gift of salvation, Carmen bowed her head and prayed, asking Jesus to save her from her sins!

While we press on with deputation and all that the journey entails, the pastors we have discipled and the churches that have been started in Kenya press on as well. Here is a portion of communication recently received from one of them:

We are doing fine in JESUS Name since you started with us Missionary Andy Richey in my house, but today we are many people in our church, Glory to GOD for that. We had blessed Sunday of 26 children, 17 men, 9 woman and 4 visitors, this is not me but Grace of GOD upon me. We have received new member from S D A church, Duke Mogire he accepted JESUS Christ 11:58 pm midnight after along time from 1;00 pm am glad glad for this man. Also my wife who has been sick she is well and we have been blessed with baby son. Bro Andy am happy for what GOD is doing. Hope your family are real doing fine. I WISH YOU THE BEST IN JESUS. —Pastor Fred

For those who may not know what has transpired to this point in time, God provided for several church-planting trips through the sale of our business when God called me to full-time missions work. On those trips we had the joy of starting several churches and training national men to lead those churches. We keep in contact often with these men. Would you please join us in prayer that God would bring the needed financial support to return on a permanent basis to continue seeing people saved, discipled, and churches planted in East Africa?

On a personal note, we are very excited to announce that our daughter Katie is engaged to (not so “little”) Joe Walker. Their wedding date is March 20, after which they will travel around the country as an evangelist with the Kevin Walker family. We know our daughter is gaining a great man for a husband, and she will be a wonderful wife and an asset to their ministry. We have also learned that we are going to be grandparents for the first time! Our son John and his wife Amelia are expecting a baby that is due August 20. We are very much looking forward to this.

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray for souls to be saved.
2. Pray for the churches in Africa to grow and for a hedge of protection from Satan to surround them.
3. Pray for God to use us to be a blessing to pastors and churches as we travel.
4. Pray for new churches to partner with us in our work for the Lord.

Your servant for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy Richey