Andy Richey Prayer Letter:  Fruit, Travel to Rural Areas, Devil Fighting, and a Big NeedRecent months have been very exciting, busy, fruitful, and challenging! As God has led and blessed, we have traveled many miles in rural areas to assist many pastors and their churches, seen many saved, had great victories, seen the Devil get angry and stir up trouble, and hosted two guests from the United States. Connie and I also celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary just a few days ago. It is a wonderful blessing to serve our Saviour here in Kenya, as your extension, in obedience to the GREAT COMMISSION!

Our ministry has two primary aspects: (1) church growth and planting in urban areas with high-density populations and (2) church growth and planting in rural areas that are very spread out over wide areas. We recently traveled to Bungoma, Kisii, Nyamira, Olorupa, and Kilgoris. During this time, God provided the opportunity to teach, establish in sound doctrine, and challenge pastors in several conferences designed for these pastors in rural areas; and we also met with three young churches to begin establishing a discipleship program for them. In all, about 70 pastors came under the influence of our teaching biblical truth concerning soul winning, false doctrines, eternal security, and much more. The conclusion of this trip culminated in a Sunday morning service, which saw 30 souls call on Christ as their Saviour, including several pastors!

In our last letter, I told you that several home Bible studies had begun. The Devil has been fighting us in this effective work, which has seen many saved and seen the growth of new Christians. One individual went to all the homes we have been meeting in to say that, based on a dream this individual had, we are doing the work of the Devil and not to invite us to return to their homes. Some have fallen prey to this, but others have continued to be open to our continued discipleship. It is my prayer that God will use these as an avenue to give birth to new churches to reach entire communities with the saving knowledge of Christ. Please pray for God to have the victory according to His will in these matters!

In closing, please allow me to share a high-cost need. When we arrived some nine months ago, God provided the use of a vehicle through a Kenyan businessman who had a kindred spirit with our ministry. The time of that blessing has come to an end, and we will need to purchase a vehicle soon. The cost for something modest, yet appropriate, will be approximately $20,000. Please pray with us concerning this need, and consider if our ministry might be worth a special gift towards it. We have $5,000 set aside now. If 30 of our supporters would give $500 each, it would provide what is needed and be an amazing blessing.

Your love, prayers, and faithful support are much appreciated and never taken for granted as we partner together in love and in service to Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour!

Merry Christmas from your missionaries to East Africa,

Andy & Connie Richey