Andy Richey Prayer Letter: A New "Lighthouse" Has BegunWe praise God and are so grateful for the privilege to serve Him and represent you here in Kenya, East Africa. A new work has begun, Lighthouse Baptist Church in Kamakis, Kenya! What a joy it is to partner with you in this effort to send the Gospel light to those who have no hope of hearing of salvation or becoming grounded in sound doctrine, unless someone is “sent” to reach them. As always, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU, Pastors and faithful church members!

As I write this communication, we have just finished our fourth Sunday service. Many months of preparation went into the Grand Opening on September 6. We have been averaging about 22 per week, with several visitors and salvations. A location was chosen with the intent of being able to reach all levels of society, a place where all will feel welcome. Kenya is a third-world country, but it is growing very quickly. Therefore, we have very clear and obvious class distinctions. A factor of the chosen location was also practical—finances. We are in a rental property. The cost of a plot of land in this area is insanely expensive (really); and, therefore, with God’s help, we will begin to see what God might do in the future.

In the last update, I asked for prayer for some specific men. Lighthouse Baptist Church would not be possible without one man whom God has brought to my side, Bro. Charles. I have mentioned him many times in my letters. I led him to Christ, baptized him, and from that time, have discipled him for about two years. Charles is now my friend, my translator, and the treasurer of the church. Words cannot express the joy in my heart at seeing God transform this man.

Allow me to give a couple examples of the impact in a life that keeps me going when the going gets tough. When we met, Charles trusted in a works-based salvation and did not believe in eternal security. Now he is a sincere soul winner and passionate to share the true salvation only available through the blood of Christ. He has a burden and vision to see Lighthouse Baptist Church see souls saved in our area. Last week I was preaching about the substitute that Christ is for our sins, using Barabbas as the text. He was emotionally moved while translating the message and became choked-up, fighting back the tears of love and appreciation for his Saviour. I had to ask myself when was the last time that I had reveled in God’s love like that. The Holy Ghost has taken over in teaching him where I have fallen short. Amen. Paul, God’s example of a missionary, had his helpers and sidekicks, and I have no doubt that God has given this missionary a man named Charles. Please keep him before our Lord in prayer, for spiritual warfare is always present when God’s work is progressing.

Connie, an ever-ready soul winner, recently led a single mom to Christ. Rachel brought her daughter to our house for Connie to teach her because school has not resumed from COVID restrictions. During a visit, Connie talked to her about salvation. Rachel realized she needed to be saved and called on Christ. The two then met to continue with a discipleship plan that we use. After discussing biblical teaching about baptism, Rachel decided she needed to be biblically baptized, becoming our first member of Lighthouse. Praise God! Rachel is now involved in serving God weekly in various ways through the church.

We thank you all for making our service possible, and we look forward to sharing what God will do through this hole in the darkness of this world, Lighthouse Baptist Church!

Your servants for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy & Connie Richey