Andy and Connie Richey Prayer Letter: We Are on the Winning Side!We praise God and thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of the work here in Kenya! God is blessing, and souls are being saved and discipled, but not without some challenges. Lighthouse Baptist Church, as a new work, was just starting to build momentum, seeing as many as 7 visitors for a Sunday service; then the government issued a directive because of COVID, ordering all churches to close, lasting 1½ months, which followed the previous lockdown of 2 months. When we were able to resume meeting, we had lost about half of our people for various reasons. To be honest, the decline and loss of momentum really pushed my spirit down. Through soul-winning and outreach ministries, though, God has proven that He is still in control and worthy to be served! New converts are joining us through hard work and the faithfulness of our core members, and we rejoice to see souls saved and people growing in faith and sound doctrine. No doubt, we are in a spiritual battle against satanic forces, but with the power of God’s Word and the salvation message of Christ’s blood, our lighthouse in Kamiki, Nairobi, Kenya, is on the winning side, Amen!

Our church members are regularly mocked for their faith in Christ alone for salvation and for their relationship to a Baptist church. I thank God for some rock-solid disciples, who have become key to our growth and success in seeing souls saved post lockdowns. On occasion, I have referred to “my Peter” (real name Fred), a reference to the Apostle Peter because he is never at a loss for words or opinions and is quite outgoing in nature. Then we have “my Andrew” (real name Charles), who is quiet and reserved and will keep his thoughts and opinions to himself unless I pull them out of him. Both of these men have begun replicating the relationship we have as teacher/mentor with others. It is a wonderful joy to see my disciples now leading others to Christ and discipling their converts! Just after we had finished the Sunday service, Charles started teaching one of his converts, Prosper, biblical truths about the Holy Spirit and how to distinguish “another spirit”!

Connie has been working with a lady, Irene, who owns a sewing shop. Connie’s purpose is to be able to teach church ladies how to sew with the things available to them locally, so they can have a way to support their children. After working together for a couple of weeks, Irene began talking about the godly music Connie was playing at the shop. This led to a discussion about Heaven, which Connie used to lead Irene to an understanding of salvation. Every week they do a Bible study, and she has already finished Level 2, praise God! Upon seeing what was happening to his mom, her son Johan asked about salvation. Connie led him to Christ also! Now I have a weekly time of Bible study with John also.

In closing, please pray for:

1. Our newer converts to grow and remain faithful.
2. God to raise up strong families and future leaders of His work.
3. Wisdom in leadership to accomplish these things.
4. Patience for me, to depend on God and His timing, and not my own.
5. Our son Stephen and his wife Jennie are expecting again and due in February. Please pray that this little one can grow to term.

Your servants for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy & Connie Richey