Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  Winning Our Neighbors to ChristHow awesome it is to see God’s hand working in lives! We knocked on a door near our house recently. Cassandra and her six children have been attending church for the last few weeks. My wife led the teenage daughter and her visiting friend to the Lord after the service last Sunday.

We noticed some people walking past our house and began praying for the Lord to help us find them. Laura saw them again and got their addresses. Annie, Rose, Rita, Elizabeth, John, and Kaloros are from Vanuatu, a South Pacific island. They all trusted Christ for salvation, and the ladies have come to church twice. Here on seasonal work visas, they are all due to return home before the end of May. It will be disappointing to see them leave, but what a joy it was the see their countenances change so quickly after accepting the gift of salvation! There are a couple of men we have not met yet, and I hope to be able to witness to them before they leave.

Prayer Points:

• Cassandra and her family
• That our new friends will get into a good church in Vanuatu
• Healing for Pastor Westbrook—he and his family are scheduled to return on July 5.
• That brain surgery scheduled for July 1 will give me much-needed relief from the ongoing progression of Dystonic muscle pain in my right side

Thank you for your prayers and faithful support.

Sincerely yours in the service of the King,

Andrew Steers