Andrew Steers Prayer Letter: Two Refreshing Points of Praise“Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.” (Psalm 150:1-2)

To begin this news update, Laura and I, as well as our church family, have two refreshing reasons to praise the Lord. First, a CT scan Laura had in January revealed five spots on her lung, which indicated that the cancer had spread. An x-ray last month did not show the spots, with the exception of one nodule not considered cancerous. We are definitely rejoicing in this news.

The second point of praise is that our church has a new home to meet in once the COVID-19 restrictions are further eased. Churches are allowed to meet with up to 20 people as of June 4. We are continuing Zoom meetings until July 5, trusting that restrictions will be further eased to accommodate the whole church family and giving us time to prepare the building. Our new facility is a funeral-home chapel; the church met in a different funeral home for several years. We are praising the Lord for His marvelous answer to prayer!

We are able to travel out of town now, so we are resuming helping Bro. Phil canvass the West Tamar area to promote his outreach meeting. Our church is hoping this will be the start of a church plant. There seems to be a great level of fear concerning the Coronavirus, especially in that area. Even in the Devonport area, people are generally adhering to the social- distancing rules. Laura tried to give a tract to a lady walking down the sidewalk, but the lady walked into the street to keep the six-foot distance. People are encouraged to turn in those not following the rules; and, surprisingly, people are keen to turn in their neighbors.

Please pray that:

1. Laura continues to get the treatment she needs and that there will be a miraculous recovery.
2. Morris and Phillip will accept Christ as their only way to Heaven, sooner rather than later.
3. We have great wisdom in reaching lost souls given the government restrictions and people’s attitudes about the virus/social distancing.
4. Kathy, a lady we reached several years ago who is in desperate need of heart surgery, will get the surgery quickly. She is on a waiting list; pray for her health as she waits.
5. The Lord will show us when to plan a furlough. We had begun scheduling meetings for furlough this September through November, but we had to cancel them when travel overseas was suspended indefinitely.

Thank you for your continued support, especially in light of the fact that COVID-19 has impacted many of you as well.

All for His glory,

Bro. Andrew Steers