Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  The Grace and Mercy of GodWhere would any of us be without the grace and mercy of God? We certainly experienced it in more ways than anticipated during these past several weeks. First were the salvations; second were the baptisms; and third, a dear friend of more than forty years, whose wife had gone to be with the Lord a few years ago, finally got his own desire to join her in Glory this week.

Amongst the salvations was Wesley, a young man who had always been curious about the things of God. It seems he was simply waiting for someone to tell him. In our home one evening, just prior to heading off to our midweek service, he humbly bowed his head at the dinner table to receive the greatest gift of all. Please pray for his willingness to return to church and to continue in his newfound faith.

A few weeks ago, we had our church’s first baptisms for 2015. Billy and Isaac, eight-year-old identical twin boys, took this important step of obedience. These fine young men stood before the church to testify of their salvation before being baptized. Their parents, three younger sisters, and the rest of the church family witnessed the joyous occasion. What a thrill and blessing it was to see!

I am officiating my first funeral today for a man who greatly influenced me as a small boy to please the Lord with my life. Arnold did not just preach Jesus; he and his wife exemplified Him as they served together in the health profession. I am so thankful for their godly example that the Lord used to direct my life. There are no accidents with God!

Sincerely yours in the service of the King,

Andrew Steers