Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  Restarting Our Bible Studies With the Seasonal WorkersMerry Christmas to you all, and may none of us forget the reason as to why Christ came into the world. Jesus declared about Himself in Luke 19:10, “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” It gives us great joy to share with you that four more souls came to accept God’s gift.

Recently, we went to visit an elderly friend, but it was obvious that she had moved. We knocked on the front door anyway, and a young, single mom came to the door. Sharnie invited us in, showing us her youngest of two children. She opened up to us about some difficult circumstances in her life. Right there in her living room, she let Laura take her through the Gospel. Moments later, Sharnie bowed her head to pray, asking Jesus to forgive her and willingly accepting Him into her heart. What a day of rejoicing!

In the meantime, while seeking to resume weekly Bible studies with the seasonal workers from Vanuatu, we met two men. Graham drove up just as we approached the property and came to help us. He had been here over the winter months and was preparing to head back home within two days. I challenged him with the Gospel, and he readily trusted Christ as his Saviour! While I was giving him assurance verses, another of the men walked up and stood by us, watching with keen interest. We struck up a conversation with Ruben. Again, I was able to take him through the same verses I had just shown Graham. He was very happy to have his eternal destiny settled as well. He just arrived so will be here for about six months, but he is with a group of about 50 workers in a town over half an hour away. We gave him a booklet and will try to follow up with him.

Just as we were about to leave, the bus pulled up with the rest of the workers. We spoke with the team leader of the group, whom we met with the previous year. The number of workers has increased dramatically, and she was a bit overwhelmed by the additional workload. She said she has too much on her plate right now to start the Bible study again. She encouraged us to “visit” the new workers in her facility and to ask about having a Bible study in one of the other team houses. We were a little disappointed but visited a house in a nearby community. Patrick is the team leader there, and he remembered us from visiting the first house over the last few years. He was quite willing for us to have a Bible study with his group. Before we left, I was able to lead him to the Lord!

We are praying the Lord will continue to open doors. The young couple that just returned from Vanuatu will be helping. They have learned a bit of the language, and Nathan had the foresight to bring back some hymns in their language. We have the first Bible study scheduled for tonight, and we are looking to the Lord for His direction.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray that Sharnie gains custody of her older child (a four-year-old boy) and that she begins coming to church regularly.
2. Pray that the Lord would open more doors to reach the Vanuatu workers, including Bible studies and the invitation to speak with them individually in their accommodation.
3. Pray that Louise, the young lady who has been attending church services for a few months, will get saved.
4. We are seeking God’s will about a possible house to buy and renovate to accommodate the church.

Thank you again for your ongoing support for our ministry in this part of the world. It is just as vital as anywhere else when it comes to going after the “one amongst the ninety-nine,” so to speak.

Sincerely, and all for His glory,

Andrew Steers