Andrew Steers Prayer Letter: Rejoicing in the Lord!“Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.” (Philippians 4:4) The Bible commands Christians to rejoice, and here on the far-flung field of Tasmania, we have a number of reasons to rejoice in the Lord for all that He has done in the past few months.

Firstly, we rejoice in recent salvations. During church-wide soul winning, Laura and I knocked on doors and then went to make a few visits. When we went to see a lady who had not been to church for some time, we were introduced to a relative and two friends of the family. Laura was still recovering from surgery and had stayed in the car, so the visitors came to the car to meet her. Praise God, when Laura asked them that important question about their eternal destiny, they both expressed a desire to go to Heaven but had no idea how to get there. They were happy to kneel down by the open car door as Laura showed them from the Bible how they could be certain of Heaven. Leonie and Michael both prayed and accepted Christ.

Secondly, our church has taken on the support of two new missionary families. One is a family heading to the Philippines; they presented their work to our church several weeks ago. The second is a couple from amongst our own faithful members, Nathan and Joy, with their infant son Percy. We farewelled them last Sunday, and they are now serving in Vanuatu with a fellow Australian missionary who is also supported by our church. Albeit this is a short-term mission trip, they are praying that the Lord will show them if He wants them to be in full-time service. Nathan is a builder and will be using those skills to help the ministry there as well.

Thirdly, Laura got a good report from some recent scans. She had two surgeries this past month and then underwent the scans. The scans do not show any metastasis of the cancer, which was a concern of the oncologists. She is continuing to trust the Lord for His healing.

Please pray:
1. That we can follow up with David and Leonie, although they are from interstate.
2. For more lost souls to be saved.
3. For Nathan and Joy to be a witness for Jesus in Vanuatu.
4. That the Lord will show us a property for the church to rent/buy.
5. For healing for Laura and wisdom for further treatmen
True, we have so much to be thankful for and multiple reasons to rejoice in the Lord for His goodness. This would not be possible without your continued faithful support. Thank you.

All for His glory,

Andrew and Laura Steers

P.S. On a sober note, John Baldini graduated to Heaven a few weeks ago. He is the man from our church who was battling liver cancer. Praise God, he has no more pain and can rejoice with Jesus in person,
getting a head start on all of us still down here.