Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:   Heaven's Floodgates Have Been Opened!We thank the Lord for His continued grace and mercy as we recount for you so many blessings He has bestowed since our last letter. This month especially, it seems the floodgates of Heaven have been opened!

Glen and his mom Kathy continue to attend church. It is a great encouragement to see them grow in the Lord. While my wife and I were soul winning, we met Shane. He grew up a nominal Catholic, but he began to pray and ask the Lord to send someone to show him the truth. I was able to show him the truth and see him accept Christ in his living room. Even though he was late due to being mistaken about the time, he attended the afternoon service on Sunday.

Last May we met several people from Vanuatu (a South Pacific island) who were here for seasonal work. They came to church, but their work was finished shortly after we met them. Our church has been praying for them to return now that it is strawberry season again. Laura was at the grocery store last week when she looked up and saw one of the ladies. Rita recognized Laura as well. She and 19 other workers from Vanuatu had arrived just days before. Laura invited them to church, and 4 ladies came to the Thursday Bible study. She told them to invite the others. On Sunday 2 of those ladies returned and brought 4 of their friends. After the afternoon service, 5 ladies trusted Christ! They are excited about attending faithfully. They will be here for about six months, Lord willing!

Please pray for:

1. Kathy’s health. She has been suffering from cancer, and the chemo treatments have been making her ill.
2. The soul-winning course the church has started. A good portion of the church family has attending. Pray that they will be faithful to go soul winning.
3. Shane to grow in the Lord and be faithful to church.
4. For more people here on temporary work visas to be reached with the Gospel.

Laura and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. We are grateful for your faithful prayers and support. Thank you.

Sincerely yours in the service of the King,

Andrew Steers