Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  Effective Witnessing in the Midst of Fear and PanicThere is much uncertainty prevailing in our world at present; this far-flung corner of the world is not immune. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought fear and panic to many who do not know the Lord. There is no denying that this event has changed how we all live our daily lives, including the way we conduct ministry. Although we here at Coastline Baptist Church are unable to physically meet together for our regular services as normal, most of the members are able to access the services online. We use the internet and cell phones to keep in touch with each other. We also remain in contact with people who have been reached with the Gospel in previous weeks.

We were conducting a weekly Bible study with the Vanuatu workers until a few weeks ago. We could only drop off the printed lesson in the last week. They only have two weeks or so remaining in the season, but they cannot get a flight to return to Vanuatu. The plan is for them to be taken to mainland Australia, where they will be quarantined for two weeks, but they are not sure what will happen thereafter. Just days ago, a cyclone hit Vanuatu and caused quite a bit of damage, including damage to the properties of our missionaries serving in the country. Normally, churches in Australia and elsewhere would be offering to send workers to help, but no one is allowed into Vanuatu right now. The cyclone also destroyed many of the gardens, which means that food in the coming months will be in short supply.

Please pray that we can still be an effective witness using such technology, but more specifically:

1. That we would be able to encourage the Vanuatu workers, that they would get back to Vanuatu safely, that their islands would recover quickly from the cyclone, and that our ministry to the workers will expand when they return at the start of the next season.
2. That Morris (a widower in his 80s) will finally come to accept Christ as his Saviour. I have been able to meet with him alone in his home to encourage him.
3. That Phillip (in his 60s), who is like Morris, will get saved; he keeps telling me, “Do not give up on me.”
4. That we will get to catch up with Albert at his home; he is a very active man in his 60s who is open to the Gospel. He recalled his grandmother teaching him from her old King James Bible.
5. Keep praying for the Lord’s guidance and strength for Laura, particularly for healing from the cancer.

Again, your ongoing support is appreciated more that you may realize, as we also continue to uphold you in prayer, especially in seeking the lost of this world.

In and through His great love,

Brother Andrew Steers