Andrew Long Prayer Letter:  A Village That Had Never Heard of Jesus!“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you.” (II Thessalonians 3:1)

What a joy and delight it is to plant a new church, to see people come to Christ, and to watch them grow in the Lord as they come week by week. They are like a sponge soaking up the things they are taught from God’s Word. I love hearing them sing. Sumet is leading the singing, and they seem to be enjoying singing praises to their Saviour. Praise the Lord for meeting the need for a songtheow top for my truck! It has been ordered and is being built.

Great news out of India! On my birthday, December 9, 2014, I stood and preached the Gospel in a small village called Tar Busti. I was the first foreigner to ever enter their village. Those who had come to help me that night went around telling all the villagers that the American had come to tell them about the God Who had made the sun, moon, and stars. The people came, one and all. Even the sorcerer was full of curiosity and came.

I began at Creation and taught the people of the true and living God. The closer I got to the Cross, the more agitated the sorcerer became. He really began to disturb the people who were listening. Praying in my mind as I was speaking, asking for God to help, as the people had listened so intently up to that point, I said, “Jesus died on the Cross for you.” I waited on the interpreter. Then I repeated, “Jesus died on the Cross for you.” As the interpreter conveyed the message, the sorcerer turned and looked at me. I pointed straight at him, because I wanted him to know Jesus had died for him. His eyes got big, and he turned and quietly walked off into the darkness. The people relaxed, and we continued on.

That night, 16 precious souls trusted Christ. They began jumping and clapping with excitement! Some were crying, and some were shouting—all with joy because their sins were gone. Those 16 people were so happy! And I still remember it so vividly as they realized their friends and families were not excited, because they had not believed on the Lord Jesus as they had. Then they began to go from one to another telling them, “Jesus will save you too. Jesus will save you too. My sins are gone! He can save you too!” I still remember the anguish of their souls as they knew they were going to Heaven and the others would be going to Hell.

I had mixed emotions, excited that 16 precious souls had come to Christ and sad that 60-plus had not. Since that night, God has still been working. AJ, who was my interpreter that night, goes back to visit there about every 6 months to teach them more about their Saviour, and every time he learns of more who have come to Christ. Every time they have a special day, they talk about the night the American came and told them about Jesus. They repeat the story of Jesus, and more come to Christ. One family that oft would strip naked and run through the jungle, screaming and terrifying the people, has trusted Christ.

On his last trip there, AJ learned that the wife of the sorcerer had died. Upon talking with the sorcerer, he learned that the sorcerer’s wife was one of the 16 who had trusted Christ in 2014. He shared the Gospel with the sorcerer that day, but he still did not come to Christ. He asked AJ to pray that he would not go to Hell. AJ also learned on this trip that two people who make music for the villagers had been saved and were now writing songs and singing about Jesus. Glory! What a God we serve!

Please pray for (1) a moped or some dependable transportation for AJ, so he can go to Tar Busti and other places once a month like a circuit-riding preacher, (2) Soso’s visa to come through, (3) more souls to be saved, and (4) continued growth of those who are saved.Thank you for all your faithful prayers and support!

Yours for harvest,

Andrew Long
Romans 10:14