Andrew and Laura Steers Prayer Letter: Two Months of Miracles!Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

My wife and I have been on her cancer journey since December 2018. While a cancer diagnosis is not what anyone wants to hear, we believe God is using it for good, according to His purposes! While Laura continues to receive treatment here in Indiana, we pray daily for God to use this disease for His glory. Laura had an open wound on her breast through which lymphatic fluid was leaking. She was told the wound would never heal and was days away from a mastectomy to resolve the issue. The surgery was postponed till July 1 due to a problem with the insurance. In the few weeks before the surgery, the Lord began to heal the wound. The doctor said surgery was no longer needed! The oncologist’s assistant, who had seen the wound a few weeks before, audibly gasped when she saw the wound healed. Only the Lord could do that! Also, despite being on heavy pain medication briefly due to intense pain from the cancer in her bones, she has been pain-free for weeks now. Her doctor says this is a miracle. She no longer needs a wheelchair and has been released from physical therapy—another miracle where all the glory goes to God.

We have handed out tracts and have sought to witness as the Lord brings people across our path. We visited Monica, a lady Laura met years ago when she (Monica) was 16. She trusted Christ a few weeks ago and came to church with us. She is eager to grow in her faith and has already realized the Devil is an adversary who tries to hinder her. She has purposed to be faithful in church attendance in spite of any obstacles. We have been knocking on doors in an area where there are not many steps to navigate. I have a scooter to convey me, and Laura is able to walk now, since the doors are relatively close together.

Please Pray for . . .

1. Monica to continue to grow in her faith.
2. Continued healing for Laura. She has difficulty breathing sometimes from the massive spots on her lungs. Pray for her to be a good testimony, especially to the nurses.
3. Marty, Jeffry, Janelle, Jim, and a waitress at a local restaurant to be saved. These are all people the Lord has led across our paths whom we are trying to reach with the Gospel. We long to see more people saved.
4. The Lord to bring the right neurosurgeon to replace my DBS battery. The battery was replaced just three years ago, and it is supposed to last four to five years. Last week, a message came up on the device I check it with that indicated it needs to be replaced within the next four weeks. It isn’t feasible to return to Australia at this time, so I need to have the surgery here. Not every surgeon is able to perform this specialized surgery, and with the urgent timeframe, it is a challenge to find a doctor who can do the surgery and fit me into his busy schedule. Also, please pray that the surgeon/hospital will accept the health fund we have through our mission board.

Without your ongoing support (monetarily, and especially for your prayers), including the generous love gifts we have received in recent months, we suspect that perhaps not as many of our prayers would be answered in such a timely manner. Thank you! We sure do serve a mighty awesome God and Saviour.

All for His glory,

Bro. Andrew Steers