Andrew and Laura Steers Prayer Letter: Reflecting on the Goodness of GodPsalm 106:1 – “Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

As 2021 draws to a close, we cannot help but reflect upon God’s relentless goodness toward us, and this is in spite of health challenges and the uncertainties prevailing in the world around us. Regardless of these circumstances beyond our control, we continually marvel as to how He has taken care of us. We are looking forward to the new year with renewed confidence that God is sovereign and that His hand will lead us to draw others to Him.

It has been almost two years since first meeting Morris, a widower in his late 70s. We had often urged him to consider his eternal destiny, and each time, he avoided answering, except to say that he would read the church tract while alone in his home. Recently, I took with me an older man from our church to meet him, who similarly pressed him with the Gospel. There, he bowed his head to pray, accepting Christ as his Saviour. Just one week later, he had another fall, breaking his shoulder. He is finally home but is facing a long recovery. ue to his frailty, he is unable to leave his home. e now has a King James Bible to read as we follow up on him.

We are thankful that a large portion of our church make a regular habit of witnessing and distributing flyers for our church. We have been seeing visitors on a regular basis, with two families coming this past Sunday. One family moved here recently from the southern part of our state, looking for a solid, Bible-preaching church. They live a 40-minutes’ drive away, but we remain encouraged by their desire to return. Laura met a lady while distributing flyers on a rainy day. The lady called out to Laura from her door, concerned that she was getting wet. She came to church the next day and has returned a few more times. She might be saved but has had varied doctrinal influences, which have left her a little confused. She has a challenging home life with teenage children and an unsaved husband.

Prayer Points:

1. That Morris’s shoulder would heal rapidly and that he would be able to visit with us at church
2. That visitors would return, and that Laura would have wisdom in encouraging Renee
3. That Laura will get relief from a new round of chemotherapy for her metastatic breast cancer—it is the fourth type of chemo being tried, following a course of radiation treatment. A recent CT scan showed that the spots in her lungs have continued to grow; one now is 1¼ inches in diameter. They are beginning to cover the airways in her lungs and contributing to a worsening cough.
4. We are prayerfully considering returning to the States (and possibly Hope for Cancer clinic in Mexico) for treatment not available in Australia. There are a few doors that God will need to open to make such an option possible.

We wish you and your families a merry and safe Christmas as the world is reminded of the Saviour’s birth and His greatest gift to us. Thank you all for your ongoing belief in our efforts to seek and serve Christ in this part of the world.

All for His glory,

Bro. Andrew L. Steers