Andrew and Laura Steers Prayer Letter: Redeeming the TimeEphesians 5:16, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

As with any church concerned with reaching lost souls, it is a huge blessing to see our growth in a steady frequency of visitors. In regard to reaching the lost, we are so thankful that new housing subdivisions are opening up in and around our city at an unprecedented pace. This means more doors to knock and, thus, more people to reach. We also remain thankful that COVID has not been a big issue in Tasmania. We have some restrictions, but nothing like the extreme restrictions that some on the mainland are experiencing. We praise the Lord that we are able to meet in person for church and knock on doors. Given how quickly these restrictions can be mandated, we realize the urgency to seize this window of opportunity given us.

We mentioned in our last letter that Gordon was close to going Home. He graduated to Heaven a few weeks ago. He had a godly testimony, and we learned much about his life during his memorial service. He was a colorful character and is greatly missed by our church family. Life continues on, and the church was encouraged to hear of two new little ones due around March. For one couple, this is their first baby. The other couple has four children to welcome the new addition.

In the meantime, please keep praying:
1. For Laura’s side effects to be minimal to negligible during the six weeks she will be undergoing radiation treatment and that it will shrink the tumor, which has been growing rapidly again. The last round of chemotherapy stopped working.
2. For Laura to have opportunities to witness to other patients, as well as the driver from the Cancer Council, which provides transport to and from the hospital 45 minutes away.
3. That the surgery to replace my right knee cap, scheduled for August 23, will be a success and that I can get on my feet again rapidly. The complicating factor is the cerebral palsy and dystonia affecting the same leg.
4. For the health of Mike, Patty, Les, Annette, Gaylene, Angeline, John, and Gwen.
5. That our church-wide soul-winning program will be effective in reaching people in these new suburbs.

As is always the case, thank you again for your ongoing support for our maintaining a witness for the Saviour here in Tasmania.

All for His glory,

Bro. Andrew L Steers