Andrew and Laura Steers Prayer Letter: Back on the FieldI Corinthians 3:6 – “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.”

It was refreshing to arrive back on the field to find that the work of reaching the lost through our church-wide soul-winning efforts has continued unabated. Most surprising was to learn that the population of the city of Devonport and its satellite towns has now reached 80,000, with multiple more suburbs growing at a rapid rate. Ten years ago, the population was an estimated 60,000. Our “Jerusalem” is expanding; we need to redouble our efforts to spread the Gospel.

The Lord has given me opportunities to preach several services in May. I am also scheduled to teach an already-established series of discipleship lessons, beginning this July, at Coastline Baptist Church. Laura was excited that she was able to do some tract distribution last Saturday. She had been really sick with the flu for the first several weeks we were back, and Saturday was the first day she felt well enough to do so.

It was also a blessing to hear from one of my former Bible institute students in Sydney, thanking me for my contribution to his life. He is married now with children and is about to move to the state of Queensland to start a church, answering the call of God on his life. He recently graduated from an online Bible college with a degree in pastoral studies. Eaj has been faithfully serving the Lord all these years and is a fervent soul winner.

Pray That . . .

1. The Lord would use me to stir more hearts in church to reach more people with the Gospel.
2. Laura and I would be able to follow up on folks who, for whatever reason, have neglected the need to be in church.
3. Laura’s chemotherapy will give her opportunity to be a witness to hospital staff for salvation.
4. The Lord would comfort the family of Kathy Ashlin, a lady we reached with the Gospel shortly after coming to Devonport. She passed away a few weeks ago, shortly after we returned.

Thank you again for your faithful support over all these past years. Irrespective of the condition of our world, people still need the Lord. We are merely part of God’s army in reaching the lost with the greatest news known to mankind.

All to the glory of God, and our wondrous Saviour,

Bro. Andrew L. Steers