Andrew and Denise Long Prayer Letter: An Amazing Soul-Winning Story“My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:2)

My wife had surgery on September 20 and had to go back for emergency surgery 4 days later due to a vein twisting, stopping blood flow. Praise the Lord, everyone necessary for the emergency surgery was on site when it happened, and she was able to go to surgery immediately. We spent 13 days in ICU, and the doctor had us stay 2 weeks in a hotel near the hospital. It will be a long recovery, but overall, she is doing well.

A great blessing to share with you is that before going to the hospital, the pastor at the church we have been attending had challenged everyone to be part of the 10-Tract Club. So, my wife, in order to give her 10 tracts away each week, wrote a bunch of thank-you cards, thanking people for their part in helping her on her journey. She included a tract with each one of them. She would randomly give a card to nurses, doctors, housekeeping, or anyone who came into the room. One of the ladies who had gotten one of the cards came the next day and thanked my wife for the card and tract. The lady said she had been searching for how to get to God. She said, “That card gave me the answer, and I asked Jesus to save me.”

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of my wife. She is scheduled for another surgery in December. After her recovery, Lord willing, we will be able to continue the rest of her chemotherapy in Thailand.

While staying at the hotel, I met Fred and his wife Denise. Fred is also a cancer patient at the same hospital as my wife. He has had pancreatic cancer for six years. He was sitting out in front of the hotel soaking up the sun’s rays. Sitting down with him to soak up some of the sun myself, I had the opportunity to be a good listener. He was born in Brownsville, Texas, and was raised a Catholic. After conversing a good while, I ask Fred if he knew he would go to Heaven when he died. To which he replied, “I don’t think anyone can know that.” “Would you believe God if He said you could know?” I said. Being a very direct sort of a man, Fred said, “If God said it, I would believe it.” I said, “He did.” “What do you mean?” asked Fred. I held up my New Testament and asked, “Do you know what this is?” Fred replied, “That is God’s Word.” I said, “That’s right.” I turned to I John 5:13 and said, “Look what He said right here.” “I didn’t know that was there,” said Fred. Then came the words I wish we all could hear every day: “How can I know?” I spent the next few minutes showing Fred how he could know. Well, glory to God, Fred bowed his head and called on the Lord Jesus.

When Fred finished praying, his wife was crying and said to me, “I’m so glad you showed him that. I was saved when I was 14, and I told Fred that Jesus would take him to Heaven, but I didn’t know how to explain it to him. Thank you, Sir!”

Thank you for all your faithful prayers and support!

Yours for His harvest,

Andrew Long
Romans 10:14