Andrew and Denise Long Prayer Letter: A Special Need“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38)

Urgent Request!

Many of you have told us in the past that if there was ever anything you could help us with, we should let you know. That time has come. As you know, Soso, the wife of our eldest son Joseph, went Home to be with the Lord a year ago. She had been taking care of several orphans. After her passing, Joseph went back to the U.S. to mourn and to seek God’s will about going forward. He worked a job and supported the orphans himself while the children were being looked after by Soso’s sister and mother.

A few months ago, civil war broke out in that part of India, and the war has really escalated in the last few weeks. Several thousand have been killed, churches have been destroyed, and villages have been burned to the ground. Soso’s family and the orphans’ lives are now in danger. Joseph said he couldn’t stay in America and do nothing. He has already flown to a neighboring state in India, and they are putting together a plan to try to get them out. An Indian friend of mine, who is a pastor of an independent Baptist church, has several acres of land, and they are giving Joseph land to build a home for all of them.

The immediate needs are prayer for those who are in harm’s way, for safety and wisdom, and for the LORD’s guidance for Joseph and others in all they do. Funds will also be needed for building a place for all of them to live and a vehicle for transportation, as the property is about six miles outside of the city. A long-term need is for regular, monthly financial support, as Joseph really doesn’t want to come back, and I don’t believe he should, at least until there is some real stability in their lives. They have lived in fear for a long time.

The church there has a Christian school and a Bible college. Joseph would like to teach in the Christian school and work with the young men who graduate from the Bible college to help them in the initial planting of churches, as well as run an orphanage.


Also pray for God to guide Joseph in his need for a wife, as both his pastor and I have advised him that he ought to get married again if he is going to work with children.

Thank you for whatever you do! I will update as progress is made. I can be reached by the contact information below or by the Signal app at +66-095-167-6210. We are 12 hours opposite Central Standard Time.

Yours for His harvest,

Andrew & Denise Long
Romans 10:14