Oral Anderson Prayer Letter: The Power of the Love of Christ“Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.” (Psalm 12:1)

For the past four years, the parish we live in has been labeled with the highest murder rate in the country. Our community has been ranked in the top five communities in our parish for the same statistic. As a result, the government stepped in sometime last year and implemented some drastic measures in attempts to trample this plague. While those measures bore some success, they were only temporary and short-lived. Now, since the government has backed out, the crime rate has gone back up. Recently as Daniel (our oldest son) was having his morning jog, he discovered the body of a man who’d been murdered earlier that morning. Please remember our community in your prayers.

Daniel and Michael met an older gentleman on one of our soul-winning days. Initially, Patrick believed that people should have morals, but he was vehemently against church and other organized religions. However, after the young men consistently visited him the following weeks and demonstrated Christ’s love, he opened his home to them for weekly Bible studies with him! His interest in the Bible study time has been increasing to where he often invites them to stay longer than the scheduled one hour. Please pray that he will soon accept Christ as His personal Saviour.

About two years ago, I mentioned that I had applied to the government for my marriage officer’s license. I still haven’t gotten it as of yet but was told that the application is now at the office of the Prime Minister—one step closer!
In the third week of July, we will be having our annual summer Vacation Bible School. This year, we are excited to have some of our friends from New Grace Baptist Church of Roanoke, Virginia, teaming up with us for this event. Please pray that many of the kids from the community will be present and that they will make decisions for Christ.

Thank you for your faithfulness.

Prayer Needs

• Church van
• Extreme violence to cease
• Michael & Rusheda – spiritual maturity
• Rushane & Jhanell – discipleship
• Patrick Gillen – salvation
• Vacation Bible School

The Oral Anderson Family