Oral Anderson Prayer Letter:  Many HappeningsThere have been so many happenings since our last newsletter. We are very thankful to those of you who have been praying for us.

Our church worked hard these past few weeks to prepare for a special evening service planned for the first Sunday in December. The different singing groups honed their skills, the cooks worked hard to ensure the food was ready, the auditorium was well decorated, everything was ready for our big day, and then . . . the power went out!

It was a power outage that hit our side of the island for the entire day. As a result, we had no PA system, no lights, and no fans for the service. Needless to say, the preaching was hot, and our guests had a very warm welcome!

We previously mentioned Michael and Rusheda, a young couple in our church who were planning to get married. Just a few days after their wedding, they followed in believer’s baptism. They both told me that they wanted to become more involved in the church. They have overcome many obstacles in their lives to get where they are. How thankful we are for young people making tough choices to be obedient to the Word of God.

Now that they have crossed over these major milestones in their lives, the Devil has turned up the heat of attacks upon them. Please pray for their family and their marriage, and pray that they will persevere and come forth as gold through the hard times they are now facing.

We want to wish you all a very blessed Christmas Season. We trust that Christ will be magnified in your lives and that you will have many opportunities to share His love.

Oral Anderson and Family