Oral Anderson Prayer Letter:  Fruits That Bring Forth FruitsDuring our Saturday soul-winning time a few weeks ago, we were knocking doors in an area where we were having difficulties finding people to share the Gospel with—they were either too busy or too religiously deceived that they were uninterested in what we had to say. We somehow discovered an unusual gathering at a nearby school. We didn’t know what the gathering was about but went anyway for the opportunity to share the Gospel. The Lord allowed us to talk to some of the attendees, and we were able to lead four teenage boys to Christ! Interestingly, we found out later that the gathering was a Seventh-Day Adventist Convention. Praise the Lord for the leadership of the Holy Spirit!

As missionaries, it is a great blessing to reach folks and see them serving in the ministry, but it is even more exciting when it is our own children who are growing and serving the Lord! Some time ago, Daniel, our oldest son, started helping out with the youths of our ministry. Over the next few months, he went from being “just involved” to being “greatly involved,” taking on one of the lead roles in our Youth Ministry.

Both Daniel and Brother Michael have teamed up to run the weekly youth meetings. Though they are basically new to this responsibility, they are doing a great job and are very eager to learn and try “new” things. Please pray for this “dynamic duo” as they invest themselves in the lives of these teenagers and in the work of the Lord.

Like the oak tree, some trees take a long time to grow into maturity and bring forth fruit, while others, like the corn, take just a few months. We are often reminded of this truth when we think of the different rates at which our people mature spiritually. Some start out as an acorn and others as a grain of corn. Thank you for helping us with planting and watering here in Jamaica. God gives the increase and rewards in His timing.

The Oral Anderson Family