Oral and Alicia Anderson Prayer Letter: "It's Happening Again!"“It’s happening again!” he exclaimed. “Pastor, I need your help.” He then led me to a small, dark room with barely enough space to walk around. The light that peered through the single window and door was enough to show her early 40s body, half of it lying on the bed and the other half hanging off. She was fast asleep, but with much effort, he woke her up.
Her face was painted silver, contrasting with her dark features, with eyelids and lips painted dark red and black. Her eyes were red as a campfire against a twilight canvas. “What is your name?” I asked. No reply came, just a hollow stare as though she was peering deep into my soul.

He insisted that she spoke and even physically provoked her. She spoke . . . yet her voice did not match the person. Deep and angry were the rebuking words that came from her mouth; then quite unexpectedly, she instantaneously fell right back into a deep sleep! He said, “This has been happening to her for years, but it has intensified in the past few weeks.” It was obvious that an evil spirit had taken possession of her frame.

It was like something popping out of a horror novel or film. Initially, nervousness and uncertainty flushed through my mind and body, but then came a calmness, followed by concern and compassion for her. Silently, I began to pray, seeking the help and leadership that I did not possess of myself. As I prayed, she initially became more angry and violent. Then I prayed for the evil spirit to leave her and not return. She then became calm and appeared discombobulated, as though she was uncertain of what had just happened. “What is your name?” I asked again. She told me her full name. “Why is your face painted that way?” I asked. “That is how they told me to paint it,” as she wiped her face clean. “Who told you to?” I responded. “The voices that were in my head, but they are gone now!” The evil spirit was gone!

Luke 11:24-26 flooded my mind, which tells of the man who was exorcized of a devil. The devil later returned, finding vacancy, and brought seven other wicked spirits and repossessed the man, making his last state worse than the first. I knew what she needed was the cleansing from Jesus so that the presence of the Holy Spirit could fill her vacuum.

The next several minutes were so pleasant, as I shared with her the wonderful message of Jesus’ love and salvation. She was very receptive and eagerly trusted Christ as her Saviour!

It has been about eight weeks now, with no recurrence of that ordeal. Each time I see her, she has a beaming smile, very grateful for what the Lord did for her. (Names have been deliberately withheld to protect identities.)

Thank you for having a part in her salvation. Thank you for your part in our lives and ministry.

Updates and Praises

• In our last prayer letter, we mentioned our need for a violin teacher. Praise the Lord, three people volunteered to teach our students!
• We also mentioned that our ministry needed a van. Our profound gratitude to the Lord and many of you, we are now a little over 30% of our goal!

Prayer Needs

  • Upcoming Summer Programs
  • Music Ministry
  • Ministry Van/Bus

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