Missionary #6703 Prayer Letter: Pressing Prayer Need!

God Cares for Us!

Deputation has been so much more than we had imagined! We’ve had so many experiences where we’ve seen God in the midst. Following is one of my favorite stories:

It was a rainy, snowy, and bleak day as we were driving on the highway through the state of Maryland. An unknown car pulled up pretty close behind us and flashed its headlights continuously at us. Not being familiar with anyone within a hundred miles, we were very hesitant to stop, but after about two miles of this incessant nuisance, we pulled over. The car pulled over behind us also. As we watched, the person got out and hustled towards our car. I pressed the button to make certain that all the car doors were locked. As she approached, I cautiously rolled down the window about two inches, giving just enough room to talk but not enough for anything else (i.e. a weapon) to come in. By the time she got to our car, she was already wet and cold from the elements, given that the day was a soppy one.
Her words to me were fast and succinct: “Mister, I do not know who you are or where you are from, but God told me to give this to you.” With that, she pushed a rolled-up $50 bill through the small opening of the window. I responded, “I can’t take that from you, Ma’am.” She responded, “If I keep this, I will be disobedient to God, and I can’t afford not to give it to you.” I hesitantly took it from her. Almost as fast as she came, she hustled back to her car and took off, leaving us on the side of the road wondering what had just happened!

Just earlier my wife had told me of something that she really wanted but we couldn’t afford. To that, she prayed and mentioned the “want” to the Lord. Guess how much that “want” was? You guessed correctly—fifty bucks! God taught us a few lessons right there, one of which is that He is absolutely reliable, and He really cares for our needs and even our wants! “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”(I Peter 5:7)


For the past few months, we have been requesting prayer for a few things that will dramatically affect our lives and ministry. We have listed these in the “Prayer Request” column. Would you please consider making these matters of earnest intercession on our behalf?

One of the most pressing issues at hand is our current United States Immigration status. Some of you are probably aware that some members of our family are of Jamaican citizenship. We submitted the renewal paperwork for our visas to the appropriate authorities twenty-seven months ago and are still waiting for our renewed visas. The first twenty-six of those months, we’ve been able to conduct “business as usual” since our visas were “pending.” However, within the past few weeks, things have started to make a turn for the worse. Our driver’s licenses expired, but the BMV will not renew them until the visas are renewed. This puts a big hindrance on our deputation travels. As a result, travels to our meetings have slowed to a halt. We seriously covet your interceding in this matter. We are getting close to finishing deputation, and we would like to finish strong.

Thank you for your love and support. We love and appreciate you!

Missionary #6703