Missionary #6703 Prayer Letter:  Merry Christmas!“If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be . . . .”
(John 12:26)

I once heard a preacher relate that serving God is a life and not necessarily contingent on a geographical location. It becomes challenging at times, investing our lives in the ministry here, knowing that our hearts will soon be torn away. In the few short months we’ve been here, our hearts and lives have become attached to the folks and ministry here. We set goals and make plans for the future of the church, yet we have no idea how much longer we will be a part of it.

God has been doing great things through the church here. He has burdened me to preach and teach the very basic doctrines and principles, almost as though the church was a brand-new one. We have been seeing how the Lord is blessing in multiple ways.

This past Sunday we had a special service. We asked the folks not to invite anyone to that service in particular, because we wanted to spend time as a “family” and talk about “family” business. We were hoping to do some activities outside after the service, but there was a torrential downpour that afternoon. Folks were still faithful in showing up to service. (You have to understand the culture here in Jamaica: if it rains, everything slows down to a crawl—work, school, and church.) But folks were still faithful, and we were able to have our highest attendance yet.

Last week Saturday morning as we were getting ready to go soul winning, from our front porch, my wife saw a group of people trying to teach false doctrines to a lady and her two daughters. She felt convicted of the Holy Spirit to speak to the lady. By the time she got there, the Jehovah’s Witnesses were gone, so she proceeded to talk to the lady and her daughters. About 35 minutes later, the lady trusted Christ as her Saviour! God still has people waiting for the Gospel . . . everywhere!

Thank you for investing in our lives and ministry! We trust that you will have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


We feel like nomads; we just keep moving—from deputation to leaving our home in Indiana to a home in Jamaica then now to another home in Jamaica. We move every time the rent comes due—not exactly; we move because of where we believe God wants us. Please pray for our poor family, as we always have to adjust and adapt.


The Chikungunya virus has ravaged Jamaica. It has become natural to hear someone every day complain about the pangs of “Chick V.” It was forecasted that by the time the epidemic has passed, 70 percent of Jamaica will have had this virus.

Four members of our household have gotten it. The symptoms of this virus vary from slight to extreme joint pains, lethargy, muscular cramps, headaches, itching, and rashes. The virus could stay in one’s system for months or even years. A lot of us who have gotten it complain about the recurring effects. It seems as though every week, I get the same symptoms over again.

Indian Paperwork Process

We are excited that the second phase of our paperwork is complete. We are now in the third phase of the process and are hoping that we can start the fourth phase by the beginning of January. There are a total of five phases. The last two are the most challenging ones. We are very thankful for your prayers and will continue to solicit prayers for the completion of this process.

Prayer Needs

• Stability and growth of the church
• Major building repairs for the church
• New pastor for the church
• Reconciliation for the previous pastor
• Indian Immigration process
• More godly men


Missionary #6703