Missionary 6703 Prayer Letter: "I Know Whom I Have Believed!"

I Know Whom I Have Believed

Chris was a man in his late forties. We had visited his home and given him the Gospel several times, but he always gave us a reason not to listen to a complete presentation. He kept giving an excuse as to why he wasn’t ready for salvation.
One Thursday afternoon I felt as though the Lord wanted me to warn Chris against his procrastination with salvation. I told him that he should be careful that God didn’t allow something drastic to happen to him to get his attention; but, nonetheless, this did not change his outlook. He still did not want to give ears to the Gospel message.

Well, just a few weeks after saying that to him, he fell terribly ill. He became so ill that he could not leave his bed. We visited him and gave him the Gospel again. This time he listened intently and, needless to say, he trusted Christ as his Saviour!

After the next three weeks of visiting with him, he told me that his condition was deteriorating rapidly and that the doctors hadn’t given him much hope. He said, “Pastor, I want to live, but if God wants to take me Home, I’m ready to go.” He passed away the next day. Chris’ words seemed as though they reflected Paul’s thoughts when he said, “. . . for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.” (I Timothy 1:12)

Valentine’s Dinner

In February, our young adults hosted a Valentine’s dinner for the married couples in our church. What a blessing that was! Everyone who was involved in it –is already excited about doing it again next year. Besides the fact that they did such an excellent job, I was most pleased about their growth. Most of the young adults who were instrumental in hosting the dinner were saved and baptized in recent months; now they are busy serving in the ministry. Their desire to grow spiritually and serve the Lord is a great, great encouragement to our church family.

New Nursery

God has blessed our ministry with three new babies within the past few months. With our current situation, we knew that we had to make special accommodations for them. We converted our junior Sunday school room into a nursery for our little ones.

Our first day in the new nursery was on the first Sunday in April. Since then, we’ve had other folks with babies start coming to church. Our nursery population has now doubled since then. We now have an additional three families that are more consistent in coming to church because of the convenience of the nursery! Thank God for His provisions and for nursery workers.

Transportation Dilemma

Most people who come to church here live some distance away. With only a few cars at the church, we usually make several trips taking folks home. It is not uncommon for us to fit 12-14 people in our 7-seater car. While we are thankful for the provisions we already have, we also realize that we could do much more if the church had a van or bus. Would you please pray with us that the Lord would provide one for His work?

We cannot thank you enough for your ministry towards us. You have enabled us to do the work here.

Missionary #6703