Missionary #6703 Prayer Letter:  Great Summer Discipleship ProgramDue to hurricane season, we have been experiencing much rain here. It has rained practically every single day for the past six weeks. We are thankful, however, that there have not been any fatalities as a result of flooding. As we go through this hurricane season, please pray for us. Our island is along the chain of islands that makes up a passage for hurricanes.

We are happy to report about what the Lord is doing here, and we are very thankful that, because of your generosity, you allow us to serve.

We had a team from Ohio that came and helped us with our first Vacation Bible School. What a blessing it was, especially for the fact that some of our teenagers and
young adults served as workers during the VBS. Their service prepared them as better servants for current and future ministry. A few weeks later, some of the young men were able to help with VBS at another church.

Our church piano/keyboard is old and has been having some issues, causing it to not work properly at times. We were needing a new one. We recently got a call from our past Sunday school teacher from our home church, telling us that they raised the money for us to get a new one! Thanks to Brother Brock and the Yielded Hearts Sunday School Class, we will be getting a new one soon!

A few weeks ago, I had three teenage boys join me in “doing life,” as we like to call it. It is a practical mentorship/discipleship summer program. Basically, they spent a few days of the week with me doing whatever. There is structure to it, where there are specific things they are learning to do, but the idea is to “come see.” I believe that some aspects of discipleship are more “caught” than “taught.” It is great to see the growth in these young men! There has been growth in their spiritual lives, their maturity levels have increased, and they have become so much more productive in their ministry here.

As we are getting closer to September 22, the boys are learning to handle more pink in the house in preparation for the new baby girl. With four guys and three girls, the girls are still outnumbered!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do what God has called us to!

Missionary #6703 and Family