Israel and Tonya Alvarez Prayer Letter: 12th Anniversary Service!It is Christmas time once again. We want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. We also encourage everyone to keep holiday stress far away from your family. When we focus on Christ, there need only be peace and joy as we reflect on the miraculous birth of our Saviour. Take time to be still and listen to His voice this holiday season.

We have some exciting news. We were able to hold our 12th Anniversary Service! Even though we had many restrictions, such as social distancing and masks, we were able to have 165 in our conference. Many trusted Christ, and our hearts were encouraged tremendously. Pastor Azael Cocon from Campeche, Mexico, was our special speaker. We enjoyed the time of fellowship and teaching with him and his wife. Pastor Cocon was also able to visit our mission church, Faith Baptist Church, in Corozal.

Our children’s program had a wonderful day in November, as the program donated many baskets of groceries as gifts for the kids. For this, we invited all the kids’ parents or the adult accompanying them to come with the kids. We had around 100 people. We gave the plan of salvation, and many of them received Christ. During these past few months, we have seen over 30 people saved. To God be the glory!

Faith Baptist Church in Corozal is doing well. We have a couple working with us that we hope will eventually take over this church. Brother Oscar Pedrosa and his wife Rosalia arrived in Belize in September. They are Bible college graduates with grown children. They are excited to serve in Belize and have been a wonderful blessing to both churches here. Please pray for God’s direction and timing as we plan this new year. We have many goals in place to help us better reach the people of Belize.

We want to express our gratitude to the First Baptist Church of Hammond for their generous love offering to help us with some church projects. We are very encouraged by this gift of love. We have already begun remodeling our buildings, and this love gift will allow us to do more than we ever expected. In January, we hope to start upgrading our bathrooms and installing tile in our auditorium. This will be the first time we have ever had tile, so we are quite excited! Please pray that we would be wise stewards of our money.

We ask prayers for our Bible college student, Angel Muccllock. Angel began attending our church when he was just 12 years old. During one of our neighborhood Bible Clubs, we met Angel’s family. They began attending church, and Angel became faithful right away. He has grown up and desires to be a missionary. Please pray for him, as he has finished his first semester of Bible college.

Our family has been blessed by so many who pray for us. Thank you for keeping us covered in prayer. In times of discouragement, all we need to do is remember how many people speak our names to our heavenly Father, and we find comfort in that. May God bless your ministry this Christmas. God bless you all.

In Christ,

Israel Alvarez