Israel Alvarez Prayer Letter:  Merry Christmas!Greetings from Belize! Each time I sit down to type a prayer letter, it gives me a wonderful opportunity to recap the last few months. The ministry is very time-consuming, and it is easy to plunge forward each day without remembering to look for the blessings and answered prayers. At the beginning of this year, Tonya and I sat down and made a list of specific things we were asking the Lord to do this year in our ministry, as well as in our family. Looking back, it seems as though this year has been a time of testing and waiting on God for answers. As this year comes to an end, we look back on many blessings received, but we are still waiting for answers on a few things.

In October we held our annual Anniversary Conference to celebrate five years as a church. I remember those first few months on the field in 2009 when I thought five years was so far away. In those early days I was unsure if I would ever be able to adjust to the climate change, the culture shock, or even the slow pace of life. Slowly, we have come to know Belize as our home in all areas. Tonya actually loves the hot weather! Alyssa and Analea will always think of Belize as their home since they are growing up here.

Ministry Update

One of our goals for this year was to put in windows and doors for our building. Not only do we want to keep out the nasty bugs, but windows and doors will improve the look of our building. We should be done with this project by January. Also, by the end of January, we will put in the drywall to separate the auditorium and classrooms. We are thankful for all who have prayed for us and invested financially in our building project. What a joy it is to see the finished project come together!

In the last two months, we have had 10 professions of faith and 2 new families join our church. During the Christmas season, we are planning to have a special Christmas service to reach out to the families in our community. Tonya is putting together a special Christmas program with our children’s class. Many of these kids come without their parents. We are hoping that many parents will come to watch their child perform and hear a presentation of the Gospel. Join us in prayer for this special service.

May you all have a wonderful, merry Christmas!!!

Israel Alvarez and Family