Israel Alvarez Prayer Letter: God's ProtectionAs I begin this letter, I wonder at how much things have changed since January. I am sure you all can relate and surely feel the same way. The world can change in an instant.

In February we were busy planning our spring calendar, hoping to have a missions team come to help us celebrate the second anniversary of our mission church in Corozal. The first week of March, we arrived at our mission church that Sunday to find a lady waiting with her four children. They had walked from a nearby village. All four were sweetly saved, and the mother followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. The next week, our gatherings at church had to be limited to 25 or less. We were able to have three different services for one week before we were asked to go to online services. So, for the last few weeks, we have shown a prerecorded service on Sunday via the Internet. The good thing is that most of our members here do have access to the Internet. I am able to send them messages, hymns, encouragement, and help using our technology. Thank our good Lord for this technology.

Although our anniversary celebration has been postponed, there are many blessings to share from this different season of life. The landlord from our mission church donated the rent for March and April so we could purchase groceries for our people. I was blessed to be able to deliver necessities to each family from both of our churches. Here the majority of people are day laborers and have lost their only incomes. It is a very difficult time for the common person here in Belize. We ask that you pray that their physical needs can be met.

We have noticed that many people seem to be more open to the Gospel and church during this time. It is our desire to meet their spiritual needs as well. It is a privilege to be here for our people in these times. God has blessed us, and we pray that we can bless those around us.

We are not sure what the next few months hold. God’s promises are our peace from day to day. We do pray for you, our supporting churches. We know that this may be difficult for everyone in many different countries. Let’s pray for each other and keep doing what God has called us to do. We are honored to serve here and be here right now. God bless each one of you as you take things one day at a time, knowing that God holds our future in His capable hands. We love you.

In Christ,

Israel and Tonya Alvarez