Israel Alvarez Prayer Letter: Clear Evidence of God's Wonderful Hand of BlessingGreetings again from our beautiful country of Belize! As you are well aware of, it has been exactly one year since churches closed for the first time due to the Coronavirus. Looking back to last March, we never could have imagined just how quickly the world would change. The months of online services and stay-at-home orders were so different. There were hard times over the last year but also clear evidences of God’s wonderful hand taking care of our ministry here. Most of our people have once again returned to being faithful each Sunday. We have even had several new visitors return each week as well. These past few months, we were also able to see 35 people accept Christ as their Saviour.

In February, we hosted a married couples’ activity in our home. We were pleased to have eight couples attend this night of fun, fellowship, and, of course, food. The outcome was a success, and we have decided to continue to have a couples’ night once a month. This time spent teaching will hopefully build our church families and strengthen the church as a whole.

Our school kids’ program has been going well. For just over a month now, we have had the privilege to cook a hot meal three times a week for the local school children. The children come to eat, and we teach a short devotional as well. Many kids have already begun memorizing the Bible and showing interest in coming to Sunday school. Please continue to pray for this outreach ministry. For a few children who live a little farther out, we deliver groceries to their homes. We have about 80 kids who are enrolled in this program. When all the schools reopen in August, many more children will have the opportunity to be a part of this program.

In April, Faith Baptist Church in Corozal will be celebrating its 3rd Anniversary. Brother James Belisle, our field coordinator, will be flying out to preach for our church. During the week he is with us, we will also hold our annual Missions Conference. We have been busy this month, raising funds for our missionaries by selling plates of barbecue. Our church members also held a huge garage sale to raise money as well. Normally, our church sells food every Sunday night after church to support our missionaries. Due to COVID, we have had to find other ways to raise missions support. God blessed our efforts, and we were able to send money to all of our missionaries.

Our family is well and happy to be serving here in Belize. Thank you for your prayers and support. God bless you.

In Christ,

Israel, Tonya, Alyssa, Analea, Isabella, and Timothy Alvarez