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Luncheon Dates

2021 Spring Semester

Dining Hall #1 at Hyles-Anderson College

January 19

February 16

March 16

April 13

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Fisa Mihy-Mihyndu Prayer Letter: Souls Saved, Discipleship, and Soul Winning in Inland Gabon

November 29th, 2021|

In Acts 8:40, God declares, "But Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea." God reminds us in this verse that He wants to use the local church to spread the Gospel in places where it still needs to arrive. The Lord opened new doors these [...]

Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Happy 15th Anniversary to Our Church!

November 29th, 2021|

This past Sunday, our church, the Fundamental Baptist Church International, Kumasi, Ghana, celebrated its 15-year anniversary. Our family has been blessed to be a part of the ministry here for 13 of these years. I put together a video to glorify God for what He has done: tinyurl.com/15YearsFBCIKumas [...]

Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: Bible Club Blessings!

November 28th, 2021|

Our church consistently emphasizes that it is our duty and privilege to give the Gospel to everyone. It is such a blessing to see some of the young people of our church starting to live this truth. Some of the students at our church’s school do not attend our church; however, we have recently seen a [...]

Dave and Mary Beth Solt Prayer Letter: 25 Years in England!

November 28th, 2021|

Silver Lining Despite the difficulties of COVID limitations, God is still blessing, drawing new people to the church, and saving souls every day. We are growing in the Lord in our personal walk with Him. Thank you for remaining true in your prayers and support. In fact, God has given us three new su [...]

Baraka and Melanie Hall Prayer Letter: By God’s Grace

November 27th, 2021|

“O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good; for His mercy endureth for ever.” (I Chronicles 16:34) “By God’s grace” and “We give thanks to God” are phrases we hear often here in Ghana, and sadly, they have become cliché. I try not to fall into this trap, as it is an expected response in many situa [...]

Peter and Melody Morris Prayer Letter: Praise the Lord for Good Medical Help

November 26th, 2021|

It has been an eventful month, to say the least. God has been working as usual, with our last Pastors’ Practical Training Academy finishing well. The pastors returned to their homes with a list of home assignments and an enthusiasm to make godly changes to their churches in many areas, including cer [...]



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