We’re on furlough right now. We’re expecting our fifth child, who will be born in July of this year, Lord willing, and I just want to give you an update on the great things that God is doing in our ministry leading up to this furlough. Sometimes when we’re taking a furlough, we seem to put things on hold, but the Lord brought our ministry to a place that there are many exciting things going on even while I’m here in the United Sates.

We’ve got a planning committee with twelve adults, along with a national missionary, that is going to be starting a Christian elementary school on the property of our church by the time that I get back in September. We also have plans with seven families who are planning together to start a new church in the city limits of Abuja. Where we started Truth Baptist Church is on the outskirts of the capital city, but now we have a great desire, and I’ll be co-pastoring that church with a pastor who is teaching in our seminary.

We are also excited about transitioning back an assistant pastor who had an injury, and I know many of you prayed for him, because we included the request in a couple of our prayer letters. Our church is going right into a building project for a new auditorium. Truth Baptist Church, on their own, has raised $25,000 for Phase 1, putting pillars and a roof on a foundation that we already have on the Truth Baptist Church property.

We’re just excited that we can come and present our work in churches all throughout the United States, reporting in churches, getting into some new churches, and preaching in missions conferences. We are also excited that Truth Baptist Church will have sixteen trained men behind the pulpit who are products of our institute or they are still being trained, and they’re going into these different projects of starting a school, starting a church, building an auditorium, and getting our assistant pastor right back on his feet.

We thank you so much for your support and your prayers for our ministry