Here we are at Mount Karonji. Down a little bit off over this way, you can see the towers where we are going to put the radio. Actually, we are already broadcasting, but we still have to build a bigger tower up there. But you can see this is a very high mountain. Over this way is a refugee camp down in the valley, and way off to the side there, you can see Lake Kivu. We’re probably about 3,500 feet above that lake, and so the signal will pass over it very easily, and we’ll reach a lot of people. We will probably add about 5 million people to the coverage area. So you pray that we can get that tower up there and that we can get some good antennas so that we can reach this area for God. God bless you.

Hello! Here we are at the top of Mount Karonji. This is 8,400 feet high. Here’s the small house that we have built, and we have this one antenna at the top, broadcasting with very small power right now. Right behind me is where we want to build at least a 50-meter-high tower so that we can get up over the small hill and get all around us. Behind me you see Lake—if you can see it—you can see Lake Kivu and far off in the distance is the Congo, the city of Goma—a million people over there.

If you go down here in the valley (go ahead and pan around), down here on this side is Kabuye—it’s not a very big city, but it’s a city. You just pan around. We have a huge, 360-degree mountain to broadcast off from. It’s great. (So, of course, my kids are up here today.) Where you are looking now is back towards Kigali. That’s where we’re going to pick the signal from. Of course, this small hill, this is the top; once we get a big tower, we can easily reach over it. And directly behind these little guys, about 50 miles or so, is the city of Cyangugu and also the city of Bukavu in the Congo, a million people there also that we’ll be able to preach the Gospel to, just a tremendous opportunity for spreading the Gospel.

So thank you so much, and please continue to pray for us. We appreciate all your prayers and your help for this project. God bless you so much.