I would like to share with you just a few things that I’ve learned and that have been helpful to me in the area of media here on the mission field. Growing up on the mission field, I saw my parents many times burdened in this area. Every furlough we would wonder who would be putting together our video, how we would do our prayer card. So I remember it being a burden. But now days with technology as it is and with the advancement and the price coming down, most missionaries can do much of their own media work.

The number-one thing that I believe is a game-changer is the DSLR. Nikon, Canon, Panasonic—there are many different companies out there that sell DSLRs (digital cameras with interchangeable lenses). You can shoot high-quality video.

You can do much with these cameras in the area of missions in your personal home. With your children on the mission field, you don’t have the opportunity to take them to different photo opportunities; but with a camera, with a DSLR, you can take high-quality pictures of your family and your children growing up.

Then in the ministry, you can have many big days where you invite people to come to get a picture taken. We recently had a Soccer Sunday with many teams coming. We gave each team an 8×10 picture of their soccer team, and we had many people saved through that ministry as a result of having this technology.

You can use it as well preparing furlough videos and update vides, and the cost is going to come down tremendously.