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Christopher Birthday 09/02
Amy Birthday 12/21
Chris & Amy Wedding Anniversary 07/01
William Birthday 12/09
AnnMarie Birthday 09/07
Charlotte Birthday 03/11

My wife and I were both born and raised in Ohio. I was reared in a faithful Catholic family. A confused Catholic youth worker gave the story of Jesus’ grace to me when I was fourteen. That experience gave me a false salvation testimony that I used when I started going to a Baptist church in tenth grade with a friend. That Baptist church was the first place I heard truth clearly preached from the King James Bible. The realization that the preaching was true because of God’s Word thrilled me. I moved to Columbus and searched for a church close to where I was staying. There I discovered what standards are and began changing mine. A bus route took over my usual Saturday activities, and I found myself lingering around the church wanting to converse and be with the people of God. Upon deciding I wanted to go to Hyles-Anderson College, I received an application in the mail. The application asked me for my testimony of salvation. Conviction gripped me because I knew I was not saved. The next Sunday, on August 3, 2003, I repented of my sin and asked Jesus for His gift of eternal life.

Not only did I meet my Saviour in Columbus, but I also met my beautiful wife. She was reared in a Christian family. She and her family have always attended Baptist churches. At the age of ten, she raised her hand to be saved at a revival meeting that her church was having in August of 1993. She walked down the aisle and prayed with a lady friend in the church. Many years passed, and she became very convicted about her salvation and questioned whether or not she was saved. Then on April 4, 1999, after the Lord’s Supper, she got the reassurance of her salvation and was baptized.

We have one son and one daughter. William Allen was born on December 9, 2007, and Ann Marie was born in Italy on September 7, 2011.

First Baptist Church of Hammond
507 State St.
Hammond, IN  46320
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Christopher and Amy Yetzer Prayer Letter: Oh That Men Would Praise the LORD!

Christopher and Amy Yetzer Prayer Letter: Oh That Men Would Praise the LORD!“Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful
works to the children of men!”
(Psalm 107:31)

We praise the Lord for giving us the Gospel and allowing us to have a part in sharing it around the world! Recently, we have experienced a few different responses to the Gospel. The most common reaction, of course, is rejection. Most people will refuse even to consider what we have to offer them. To them, it is nothing more than a cult or a conspiracy theory. A few will take a John and Romans and a tract but will not stop to listen to the Gospel. A small few initially accept the Gospel but then have doubt or confusion. A short while ago, a young lady accepted the Gospel at a different missionary’s church in another part of Italy where she was on vacation. When she was returning to Milan, we were put in contact with her. Now at home, she was influenced by a Catholic acquaintance who made her question all of our beliefs. We have not given up hope, though, that the Lord will bring her through these questions. On the same note, a young man named Leonardo boldly professed his faith in Christ at a public park but has not responded to our efforts to reach him. I would love to end this paragraph with another example of someone trusting Christ and developing into a disciple but, prayerfully, that will come next time. It is so sad how many people are so close to the good news and don’t even know it.

We praise the Lord for giving us health of mind and body to serve Him in Italy. We noted in our last letter that I passed the written portion of my driving test and had to wait several months for an available spot for the driving portion. Thankfully, that has come, and I received my license just a few days before more restrictions went into place in Italy concerning COVID. The laws still make it difficult to drive, as for the first year, I cannot drive a car with over 94 horsepower, and most companies will not rent a car to a driver within that first year. A few weeks after passing the driver’s test and just before more regulations were coming into place, we were able to make a meeting at the local town offices, where we handed in Amy’s documents to apply for her citizenship. They accepted all of our documents and seemed initially pleased, but the scrutiny is yet to come. The process may take several months. Please pray that everything will be accepted if it be the Lord’s will. This has been a long and somewhat expensive process that we have periodically worked on over the last 13 years.

We praise the Lord for the people He has brought into our lives here in Italy. Whether it be church members, other missionaries, or our prayer and financial supporters, the Lord has put special people around us.

Missionaries to the people of Italy,

Christopher, Amy, William, AnnMarie, and Charlotte Yetzer

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