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Jerry III Birthday 03/08
Rachael Birthday 05/06
Jerry III & Rachael Wedding Anniversary 08/05
David Birthday 11/05
Kate Birthday 06/13
Andrew Birthday 06/20
Lauren Birthday 08/19

Jerry was saved at a young age. He surrendered to preach at a tent meeting under the preaching of Tony Hutson. Jerry’s parents answered the call to missions in 1993 and arrived on the field of Tanzania in 1995. While in Africa, Jerry was always involved in the ministry by teaching out in the villages, public schools, Bible Clubs, and Sunday school. He also worked on the evangelistic puppet team that has seen hundreds of people saved. When Jerry was seventeen years old, he surrendered to go back to Tanzania. God’s calling was clear during a sermon at Pastors’ School. Soon after surrendering, he enrolled at Hyles-Anderson College and graduated in 2007. While attending college, he captained a bus route and taught a boys Sunday school class. He also worked at the college for two of the years he was enrolled.

Rachel was born and raised in a Baptist preacher’s home (Dr. Larry Brown). At the age of nine with the help of her mother, she received Christ. As a young person, Rachel surrendered to do whatever God wanted. In February of 2003, her father hired her as the full-time secretary of their church, Marion Avenue Baptist Church. She worked in this position until September of 2005, when she enrolled in college. Jerry and Rachel met at college and began dating. While dating, Rachel was able to visit Tanzania, and after a time of praying and seeking God’s will, she knew that the mission field is what God had in store for her.

Jerry and Rachel were married on July 6, 2007. On November 5, 2010, the Lord blessed them with a son, David Jerry Wyatt; and on June 13, 2012, they were blessed with a second child, Kate Dianne.

Jerry is currently the pastor of Faith Baptist Church Morogoro. He and his wife have served the Lord in this ministry since arriving on the field in 2009, and in 2012 Jerry became pastor. The Lord has truly blessed this ministry with the inception of an orphan home in 2013 and many other new ministries. Pray as God continues to work in this truly needy field of Tanzania.

We are Independent Baptist missionaries to Tanzania, East Africa. Jerry is the pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Morogoro. Our ministries include church planting, Bible clubs, public school ministries, an orphanage, deaf ministry and evangelistic outreaches. We have been in Tanzania since January of 2009. Please join us in prayer as we do the work that the Lord has called us to do.

Marion Avenue Baptist Church

215 S Marion Ave, Washington, IA 52353

(855) 825-4113

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2610 Nutmeg Avenue, Washington, IA 52353
P.O. Box 1070, Morogoro, Tanzania




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #158.


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Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Are You One of Those “Saved Ones”?

Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter:  Are You One of Those "Saved Ones"?Matias’ Story

One day, I was out in the village of Misongeni, ordering bricks for the Imani Village Project. Since I would not be present when they were delivered, we had to go out to the site in my truck to give details on where to offload them. Some of the people standing around began to tease the man before he got into my truck, saying, “Oh, be careful . . . are you one of ‘those saved ones’ so you can get into the pastor’s vehicle?” The man laughed and shrugged them off. As we started down the road, I asked Matias if he knew if he was one of “those saved ones.” He was not able to give me a straight answer, and I was able to share with him the truth of God’s salvation. Matias accepted Christ while sitting in my truck, and when he got out, he was one of “those saved ones”!

Youth Camp

We held our annual Youth Camp for our church teenagers at the end of June. Because of the pandemic, we were not able to have camp at the place where we usually do. We improvised and held a three-day camp on our church property for our young people. We were able to treat them to meals at our house, as well as special restaurants, which they all enjoyed very much. Their hearts were stirred during the preaching, and many decisions were made for Christ.

Pastors’ Training

At the end of June, we brought in the pastors we have worked with to start churches in different parts of Tanzania. They were here for three days of training. We were able to send them back to their churches with different materials and Bibles to help them in their ministries and with their fire reignited to do more for God.

Outreach During the Pandemic

Through the generosity of some of our churches, we were able to help our city during this time of pandemic. We donated many supplies and helped in many ways. One of the ways that we were able to help was to take supplies for daily tea and refreshments to the main hospital in town to supply the doctors and nurses. We also gave them each a John & Romans Bible. We were also able to go from house to house in a certain area of our city, handing out bags with essential sanitation supplies, as well as Bibles. All of this was received very well, and people were very blessed to see us showing God’s love, both physically and spiritually.

Soccer Sunday and the Tanzanian Stadium Crusade

Please pray for our annual Soccer Sunday and Tanzanian Stadium Crusade. As of now, we are still planning on moving forward as planned with these events. The team from the U.S. is still planning on coming, and the president of Tanzania has reopened the country for sporting events. This is a huge answer to prayer. Please keep these events in your prayers so that things will continue to be open, and we will be able to hold these outreaches. Thousands of people attend these events yearly and hear the Gospel.

Family Travel

Please pray for our family as we travel back to the States for a short visit of about a month and a half. We will be participating in two Missions Conferences and have a time of reunion with family.

Your representatives to Tanzania,

Jerry & Rachel Wyatt

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