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I was raised in a Lutheran home. My pastor was an old-fashioned pastor and still taught salvation through grace but left the final step for you to take on your own. Speaking about salvation was just not done, as they viewed it as a personal thing between you and God. When I was seven, I attended a Vacation Bible School at the same church. It was after a story on the fiery furnace that I realized that I needed to be saved. After the class was let out, I stayed behind by myself, knelt at my chair, and trusted in Jesus and asked Him to save me.
My mother grew up as a Methodist and stopped attending church when she married my father who was a Catholic. My Mom’s family would invite us to Sunday school, and as kids we visited their church. I always remembered the happy songs and the sweet people we met there. Years later my youngest sister started attending a Methodist church and kept inviting me to go with her. A few months later, I finally went and heard the wonderful truth about Christ. That same day at the age of seventeen, I asked Jesus to be my Saviour.

In early 2012 after prayer, fasting, and pastoral counsel, we felt that God was leading us to join Team Peru. Being able to use my aviation skills on a mission field had always interested me. We will have the opportunity to utilize aviation in the future in Peru. With the skills God has given me through the years in mechanics, aviation, and education, I believe we are ideally prepared for this work.

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Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: New Church in Ecuador!

* * *TENGA EN CUENTA: La carta en español sigue a su carta en inglés. Gracias. * * *

Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: New Church in Ecuador!I am very happy to tell you that the inaugural service at the church in Kunamp (our jungle property) has been held! The service was on Tuesday, October 12. Pastor Gallo invited us to come for the event, and we were very thankful to be a part of it. Our first view of the property came on Wednesday, October 4. We were amazed at the work that had been done. The runway work had just been finished, and it was amazing to see. Once the rain starts, they will plant grass on it, which will help control erosion. It is a 3,100-foot-long runway that will be more than sufficient for our modified airplane.

We went for 10 days so that we could help invite people and be a part of the preparations. The goal was to have 1,500 people for the opening service. You would not believe that it could be done in an area where there are no large towns, but with over 2 months of daily visiting by the college students and staff, it happened! I was excited to be able to drive one of the vans for pickups. We made 4 trips on our route, with an average load of 35 people in a 15-passenger van. We had to ask 2 other routes for help after they finished their pickups, so we actually had a total of 6 loads of people.

The church building will comfortably hold 1,000 people. This is because it will also be used for conferences and camp meetings. They have built two houses on the property. One is finished other than the interior, and the other still needs windows and the interior. Their outdoor kitchen was the first thing built so that they could feed all of the workers and have a place to meet for college classes in the mornings. The afternoons were then spent working on the buildings and soul winning. The first floor of the orphanage is complete, and the work is progressing. It is a blessing to see all the work that has been done in just a few months! Praise God!

Our current needs are . . .

• $37,000 for the airplane’s avionics.
• $13,000 for the final parts and modifications needed for the airplane.
• Safety for the people working on the new property in Ecuador. Answered!

Thank you for faithfully praying for us and allowing God to use you to help provide for this ministry.

God bless you,

Chris and Irene Williams


Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: New Church in Ecuador!¡Estoy muy contento de informarles que se llevó a cabo el servicio de inauguración en la iglesia de Kunamp (nuestra propiedad en la jungla)! El servicio fue el martes 12 de octubre. El pastor Gallo nos invitó a asistir al evento y estuvimos muy agradecidos de ser parte de este. Nuestra primera vista de la propiedad fue el miércoles 4 de octubre. Nos quedamos asombrados del trabajo que se había realizado. El trabajo de la pista acababa de terminar y fue increíble verlo. Una vez que comience a llover, se plantará pasto para ayudar a controlar la erosión. Es una pista de 3.100’ de largo que será más que suficiente para nuestro avión modificado.

Estuvimos ahí diez días para poder ayudar a invitar a la gente y poder ser parte de los preparativos. El objetivo era contar con 1.500 personas para el servicio de apertura. No creerías que esto se podría lograr en un área donde no hay ciudades grandes, pero con más de dos meses de visitas diarias por parte de los estudiantes y el personal del seminario, ¡sucedió! Estuve emocionado de poder conducir una de las camionetas que recogió a la gente. Realizamos 4 viajes en nuestra ruta con una carga promedio de 35 personas en una camioneta de 15 pasajeros. Tuvimos que pedir ayuda a otras dos camionetas después de que terminaron sus recorridos, por lo que tuvimos un total de 6 viajes cargados de personas.

El edificio de la iglesia albergará cómodamente a 1.000 personas. El tamaño es con el fin de también ser utilizado para conferencias y campamentos. Se han construido dos casas en la propiedad. Una está terminada excepto el interior y la otra aún necesita ventanas y el interior. Una cocina al aire libre fue lo primero que construyeron para poder alimentar a todos los trabajadores y tener un lugar donde reunirse para las clases del instituto por las mañanas. El primer piso del orfanato está terminado y la obra avanza. Pasamos las tardes trabajando en los edificios y luego salimos a ganar almas. Ver todo el avance en Ecuador fue una grande bendición.

Nuestras necesidades actuales son:

• $37.000 para la aviónica del avión.
• $13.000 para las piezas finales y modificaciones necesarias para el avión.
• Seguridad para las personas que trabajan en la nueva propiedad en Ecuador. ¡Contestada!

Gracias por orar fielmente por nosotros y permitir que Dios lo use para ayudar a proveer para este ministerio.

¡Dios les bendiga!

Chris Williams

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