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I was raised in a Lutheran home. My pastor was an old-fashioned pastor and still taught salvation through grace but left the final step for you to take on your own. Speaking about salvation was just not done, as they viewed it as a personal thing between you and God. When I was seven, I attended a Vacation Bible School at the same church. It was after a story on the fiery furnace that I realized that I needed to be saved. After the class was let out, I stayed behind by myself, knelt at my chair, and trusted in Jesus and asked Him to save me.
My mother grew up as a Methodist and stopped attending church when she married my father who was a Catholic. My Mom’s family would invite us to Sunday school, and as kids we visited their church. I always remembered the happy songs and the sweet people we met there. Years later my youngest sister started attending a Methodist church and kept inviting me to go with her. A few months later, I finally went and heard the wonderful truth about Christ. That same day at the age of seventeen, I asked Jesus to be my Saviour.

In early 2012 after prayer, fasting, and pastoral counsel, we felt that God was leading us to join Team Peru. Being able to use my aviation skills on a mission field had always interested me. We will have the opportunity to utilize aviation in the future in Peru. With the skills God has given me through the years in mechanics, aviation, and education, I believe we are ideally prepared for this work.

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Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: Land Purchased for Future Church Plant and Airstrip

* * *TENGA EN CUENTA: La carta en español sigue a su carta en inglés. Gracias. * * *

Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: Land Purchased for Future Church Plant and AirstripOur first priority in January was to replace our car engine. I found a rebuilt engine in Houston that was only a couple hundred dollars more than a non-rebuilt engine in our local area. Since the car and all of my tools were at the airport, we went there in a borrowed vehicle and started the job by pulling the bad engine. We then drove to Houston, exchanged it for the rebuilt engine, returned to the airport, and installed the rebuilt engine. As of the end of February, we have put over 5,000 miles on it, and everything is working very well!

Next, we visited a local church here in Texas that had just taken us on for support and then attended their very enjoyable Camp Meeting. We had to miss the last day since we had to leave for a Missions Conference in California. We enjoyed the meeting and had the opportunity to go soul winning in a predominately Spanish-speaking area. The people there were very receptive, and we saw three people trust Christ as their Saviour. Next, we had a chance to visit with my parents, who live just a few hours north. We visited some churches while we were there and were given several special offerings for the airplane work. While we were there, a supporting church there presented us with a $10,000 gift for the plane. We then traveled back to Texas for a conference at one of our supporting churches, where we were also given a special offering of over $7,000 for the airplane.

As of the end of February, we are only lacking $3,000 to completely pay off the engine kit. Since the delivery date has slipped, we know that we will be able to have it fully paid by the time it is ready. God has been providing in a great way for this airplane project, and we are looking forward to seeing how He provides the rest!

In Ecuador, Pastor Gallo has been searching for property. We had narrowed the possible areas down while we were there and had decided that the Huamboya area was an excellent place to look. We wanted to know how open the people in the area are to the Gospel, so he took his college students and staff to the area to do two days of evangelistic meetings. They had 10 different meetings and saw more than 1,500 people trust Christ as their Saviour! The first week of February, after much discussion and prayer, he purchased 82.5 acres of land a little west of the town of Namakim. It is very flat and suitable for a runway. The property has just over 2/3 of a mile of road frontage. There are power lines along the road, so we will have electricity available.

He has been taking his college students there to work on clearing the land to prepare it for the runway and church that he will be building and starting there very soon. They are making great progress in clearing the land. Please be in prayer for their protection while they do this work. There are 17 different venomous snakes in the jungle of Ecuador. On the first day of work, they found and killed 7. It is about a 1½-hour drive to the nearest city with a hospital. If anyone were to be bitten, it could easily be life-threatening. Clearing the land will reduce the likelihood of it being an attractive place for the snakes to live and, therefore, make it safer to live and work there.
Here in the U.S., we are looking for a new place to put the airplane. The flight school/maintenance company that was allowing us to use the hangar space has closed. The airport says that they have no hangar openings, and the new company will be charging somewhere between $500 and $750 a month for space in the hangar where we have been keeping the plane. I have checked all airports within three hours of our location, and all are full. We have a few other options we are researching but are not yet sure what God has planned for us.

Our current needs are to:
• Finish paying for the engine kit for the airplane.
• Find new hangar space for the airplane.
• Raise the money for and purchase the avionics.
• Raise the money for the STOL modifications.
• Finish the repair work.
• Pray for safety for the people working on the new property in Ecuador.

Thank you for faithfully praying for us and allowing God to use you to help provide for this ministry.

God bless you,

Chris & Irene Williams


Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: Land Purchased for Future Church Plant and AirstripAl comenzar enero nuestra prioridad fue reemplazar el motor de nuestro automóvil. Encontré un motor reconstruido en Houston que costaba doscientos dólares más que un motor no reconstruido en nuestra área. Como el auto y todas mis herramientas estaban en el aeropuerto, fuimos en un vehículo prestado y comenzamos el trabajo desmontando el motor averiado. Luego manejamos a Houston y lo cambiamos por el motor reconstruido, después regresamos al aeropuerto e instalamos el nuevo motor. ¡Para finales de febrero, recorrimos más de 5000 millas y todo funciona muy bien!

En enero visitamos una iglesia aquí en Texas que acababa de tomarnos como sus misioneros y fue una bendición predicar ahí. También participamos en su campaña anual de avivamiento, que fue de mucha edificación. Tuvimos que perder el último día ya que teníamos que salir para una conferencia misionera en California. Disfrutamos de la conferencia y también pudimos ir a ganar almas en un área hispana, en donde vimos tres personas confiar en Cristo. Después tuvimos la oportunidad de visitar a mis padres que viven a unas pocas horas al norte. Visitamos algunas iglesias mientras estuvimos allí y recibimos varias ofrendas especiales para las reparaciones de la avioneta. Una de las iglesias que nos apoya nos donó $10,000 para el proyecto. Luego viajamos de regreso a Texas para una conferencia en una de nuestras iglesias donde también recibimos una ofrenda especial de más de $7,000 para el avión.

A fines de febrero, solo nos faltan $ 3,000 para pagar por completo el kit del motor. Dado que la fecha de entrega se ha retrasado, sabemos que podremos tenerlo pagado en su totalidad para cuando esté listo. ¡Dios ha estado proveyendo de manera increíble para este proyecto y esperamos ver cómo Él provee para el resto!

En Ecuador, Pastor Gallo ha estado buscando una propiedad. Nos habíamos concentrado en un área específica mientras estuvimos allí y habíamos decidido que el área de Huamboya era un excelente lugar para buscar. Queríamos saber qué tan abiertas están las personas del área al evangelio, por lo que el pastor llevó a sus estudiantes y maestros del seminario al área. Por dos días condujeron cultos evangelísticos. ¡Tuvieron diez reuniones diferentes y vieron a más de 1500 personas confiar en Cristo como su Salvador!

La primera semana de febrero, después de mucha discusión y oración, el pastor Gallo compró 35 hectáreas de tierra un poco al oeste del pueblo de Namakim. Es muy plano y adecuado para una pista. La propiedad tiene poco más de 1.1 kilómetros de frente a la carretera. Hay líneas eléctricas a lo largo del camino, por lo que tendremos electricidad disponible.

l ha estado llevando a sus estudiantes del seminario para trabajar en la limpieza del terreno, prepararlo para la pista de aterrizaje y la iglesia que construirá y comenzará allí muy pronto. Están haciendo grande progreso en la limpieza del terreno. Oren por su protección mientras hacen este trabajo. Hay 17 clases de serpientes venenosas en la selva de Ecuador. Durante el primer día de trabajo, encontraron y mataron a 7. Se tarda una hora y media en carro hasta la ciudad más cercana donde hay un hospital. Si alguien es mordido, fácilmente podría poner en peligro su vida. Limpiar el terreno reducirá la probabilidad de que sea un lugar atractivo para que vivan las serpientes, por lo tanto, hará que sea más seguro vivir y trabajar allí.
Aquí en los EE. UU., estamos buscando un nuevo lugar para colocar el avión. La escuela de vuelo/compañía de mantenimiento que nos permitía usar el hangar ha cerrado. El aeropuerto dice que no tienen hangares disponibles, y la nueva compañía cobrará entre $500 y $750 por mes por el espacio en el hangar en el que hemos estado guardando el avión. Revisé todos los aeropuertos localizados 3 horas a nuestro alrededor, y todos están llenos. Tenemos algunas otras opciones que estamos investigando, pero aún no estamos seguros de lo que Dios ha planeado para nosotros.

Nuestras necesidades actuales son:
• Terminar de pagar el kit de motor del avión.
• Nuevo espacio de hangar para el avión.
• Recaudar fondos para la compra de los instrumentos.
• Recaudar fondos para las modificaciones STOL.
• Terminar el trabajo de reparación.
• Seguridad para las personas que trabajan en la nueva propiedad en Ecuador.

Gracias por orar fielmente por nosotros y permitir que Dios lo use para ayudar a proveer para este ministerio.

¡Dios les bendiga!

Chris & Irene Williams

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