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Daniel and Misty Wilder Prayer Letter: New Church Plant!

Daniel and Misty Wilder Prayer Letter: New Church Plant!Our church has a goal of starting 20 churches in our department of Chimaltenango. We have already started a church in the towns of Chimaltenango, Parramos, and El Tejar. This week, the Lord provided a storefront building where we will be starting our fourth church in the town of Zaragoza. Not only has the Lord provided a place to start the church, but He has also provided funds for the first 4 months of rent and 50 chairs. I am anticipating writing about how the Lord has blessed this new church plant in future prayer letters. Please pray with us that many souls will be reached for Christ.

Four years ago, I had the privilege of leading Eliza to the Lord for salvation. Since then, her heart’s desire has been that her husband Donald would also get saved and that he would join her and their children for church. Many were the times that she and her children would remind us to pray for Donald during our Wednesday night prayer meeting. She asked me on several occasions to witness to him, which I did with much pleasure, but with no avail. One day, Donald got sick and spent several days in the hospital with an infection. While he was there, he thought about all the opportunities the Lord had given him to get saved and how he had rejected Him every time. While in the hospital, Donald’s brother-in-law visited him and once again reminded him of his need to receive Christ as Saviour. This time, he took advantage of the offer and called on the Lord to save him. Donald now sits next to Eliza and their three children on the front row at church. I know many of you have prayed for Donald to get saved, for which Eliza is very grateful. This is just another reminder that prayer still works!

For the last eight years, we have enjoyed having my mother-in-law, Phylissa Gutierrez, and her husband Mike living with us here in Guatemala. Last Wednesday after church, Phylissa returned home to find that Mike had passed away. He had a heart condition and had been very weak for the last year. He was the kindest, most encouraging man you will ever meet. Please pray for Phylissa and our family as we adjust to life without him.

Would you also pray about an additional van for our ministry? With this van, we will be able to start a new bus route and bring many more people to church, which means hundreds more accepting Christ as Saviour. With a more reliable van, we will also be able to attend more conferences, which I believe will encourage more of our young people to surrender to full-time Christian service. We will also be able to use it to start more churches, reaching even more souls for Christ. The cost to buy a reliable used van is $15,000, of which $6,000 has already been donated. Would you please pray about having a part in this investment? The dividends you will reap will be endless.

His for souls,

Daniel & Misty Wilder
Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, Serenity, and Benjamin

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