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Dave and Dawn Whitmore Prayer Letter: Souls Saved

Dave and Dawn Whitmore Prayer Letter: Souls SavedDecember 12, 2021, our heavenly Father called my father, James D. Whitmore Jr., Home! On April 23, close to 200 family and friends gathered in Pennsylvania to honor my dad and my Aunt Ruby, who passed away on January 15, 2022. Though both leave a great void, we praise the LORD that each had made that most important decision to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour. Please pray for comfort!

Our fifth child, Timothy Dale, graduated magna cum laude from Hyles-Anderson College on April 29 with a bachelor of science degree in media and graphic design and with a minor in local church music. He was nominated by his classmates as “Mr. Compassion,” and among others, he received the Chancellor’s Award for his outstanding overall achievement in academics, ministry involvement, and student leadership. Thank you for continuing to pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading in his life!

On our 10-hour overnight flight to the U.S., the Holy Spirit put me one row in front of my family and beside Italo, age 38. To the complete surprise of my wife, I did not fall asleep as I always do! After about a two-hour conversation with Italo, he understood his need to put his complete trust in JESUS as his only hope for forgiveness of sins and eternal life in Heaven. After he returned to Brazil, he let me know that he went to a Presbyterian church. Pray for my new friend to get into a Baptist church, where he can continue to grow and serve our Saviour.

Pray for a container going to Brazil within the next few weeks with 235,000 John & Romans from the Bearing Precious Seed Ministry and 1,600,000 tracts from the Fellowship Tract League Ministry. Bro. Allen Johnson, the Director of the Wings Bearing Precious Seed Ministry, has raised the money to ship the container. Through the GANHAR Ministry most of these resources will be sent to independent Baptist churches throughout Brazil. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to direct these tracts and John & Romans into the hands of those who are searching for truth.

With the starting of this vital ministry comes additional financial needs. Twenty-five Brazilian churches are asking us to spend a week helping them, but most do not have the money to cover our travel expenses. Initially, we need 30 new churches to prayerfully consider partnering with us on a monthly basis. Please watch the GANHAR Ministry Presentation Video, prepared by Rodrigo, one of the young men in our church.

The BEAMS BIBLE Ministry, under the direction of Dr. Lockard, is asking churches to raise money for 16,000 Bibles for Brazil through this year’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) change offerings. Their first-class, hardback, Trinitarian-text Bibles are making an eternal difference in the lives of thousands of PEOPLE throughout Brazil, other Portuguese-speaking countries, and around the world. Please contact the BEAMS office in Gulfport, Mississippi, at 228.832.1096 to ask how you can help us continue serving over 200 churches as the BEAMS coordinator in Brazil. In this BEAMS brief thank-you video, Pastor Leonilson Leite is expressing his gratitude to the BEAMS Ministry. Three months ago, while in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, the Holy Spirit allowed me to invest five hours in talking with Erivaldo, Daniela, Jonatas, and Enzo in their home; they are pictured in the BEAMS video.

THANK YOU for your continued prayers for our family and the other two families of Team Brazil in Taubate, Sao Paulo! Friday evening, April 29, a group of men went soul winning during their scheduled prayer time. The Holy Spirit gave them many divine appointments. Two young ladies with whom they talked walked to church on Sunday morning. After Jonata, who graduated from our church seminary and is serving with us in the GANHAR Ministry, finished preaching, he and Lucas struck up a conversation with the girls, and both of them prayed to receive Jesus as their Saviour.

For the PEOPLE of Brazil,

Dave + Dawn and Zachary Whitmore

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