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Ian and Czarinna Vincent Prayer Letter: Celebrating in the Philippines!

Ian and Czarinna Vincent Prayer Letter:  Celebrating in the Philippines!We have arrived in the Philippines! Czarinna had mentioned to me before that she really wanted to be back in the Philippines by her birthday so that we could celebrate it in the Philippines. Praise the Lord! He answered her prayers, and we arrived in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, on February 26, the day before her birthday! It was such a joyous occasion, as we all got to celebrate Czarinna’s birthday with a nice meal with her family. It was certainly quite the journey for our family of four, six large pieces of luggage, four carry-ons, a double stroller, and an infant car seat! We praise God for His protection, mercy, and grace for our travels.

Five weeks after we arrived in the Philippines, we helped prepare our church’s youth for a weeklong Youth Camp, which was held April 3-7. It never ceases to amaze me when God answers our prayers and provides for our needs. This time, God provided the $1,450 needed to feed and transport over 100 youth for this year’s Youth Camp! This was our first time to take part in it and be there in person for the Youth Camp since 2018. God blessed us tremendously, as many of the youth were encouraged, and we saw eight of our visitors get saved and baptized. The following Sunday, we also had four more baptisms from the youth who attended the youth camp.

One of the big prayer requests that we were praying for when we arrived in the Philippines was the need for our own vehicle for transportation. We were expecting it would take two to three weeks to get our own vehicle, but in fact, it took nearly six weeks before we were able to purchase on our own vehicle. Praise the Lord, we were finally able to get a 2020 Toyota Hilux Conquest pickup truck! My wife had to go to Bacolod, the capital city of our island, to pick up the truck, while I had to stay behind and teach one of the sessions that I was scheduled for during the Youth Camp! God is good!

God will provide,

Ian and Czarinna Vincent

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